The best White trainers look for Autumn 2019

The best White trainers look for Autumn 2019

The best White trainers look for Autumn 2019. At one time the white trainer was a thing for the gym and associated with exercise . Thanks to Kylie Jenner and Victoria Beckham, the white shoe is a true fashion staple for women on the go.

Most girls own at least one pair of white trainers. They can be dressed up or down depending on your look of the day. They can be easily paired with jeggings or leggings for that at home look. When taking your style up a notch they look fab paired with jeans or skater dress.

The choices are endless of how to wear your white trainer. There are a few things to remember when buying that great white trainer. We have put together some tips to remember before you buy.

You don’t need is a pair that you will get bored with quickly.

Check the size is right

Like all shoes, you need them to be comfortable. They should fit like a glove and not put any pressure on your feet. Always try on your trainers before you buy. A good time to be fitted for trainers is in the afternoon. This is because the circulation of blood to your feet is in full flow. You can’t afford to have them tight or rubbing against the skin.

Get the design of your trainer correct

Think of items you are going to wear with your white trainer. Will they pair with your jeans or dress? Nothing beats a plain white trainer as they simply go with anything. Big branded logos to the side of your trainer can limit what you can wear with them.

Now let’s look at the top three trending trainers for 2019. We think each of these have their own individual look about them. They are trendy and we think will pair with most girls’ wardrobes of today.

Nike Air Force 1 from JD Sports

Crafted for performance, these white sports shoes from Nike are a real winner. They can pair with your favourite leggings or jeans for that great casual daytime look.

White Leather-Look Metal Trim Trainers from New Look

These are a real bargain and one for those gals who seek leisure over sports. Designed more for show, these are a real lounge time treat.

Puma Carina’s Trainers from Elverys

Dress me up, dress me down, these are great trainers for the stylish women who want to transfer from super casual to casual in an instant.

Adidas Originals from Lifestyle Sports

The premium of all white trainers, the Adidas originals have stood the test of time and known as the old reliable in ladies white trainer footwear.


The best White trainers look for Autumn 2019

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