Autumn shirt dresses for 2019

Autumn shirt dresses for 2019

Autumn shirt dresses for 2019. The shirt dress is a true classic wardrobe staples for any woman of today. It’s a casual and easy to wear garment that is the “in fashion” right now.

As a versatile piece it is perfect for every occasion. You can decide to either dress it up or down depending on the occasion. There are so many different ways in which you can style them. From great workwear to the perfect night out, the shirt dress won’t let you down. We have put together a few things to consider when purchasing your shirt dress.

Consider the occasion

When choosing your shirt dress, consider it’s use. Do you want it as that great casual piece of fashion or for night-time dress, maybe both?

The shirt dress comes in so many different designs and ideally if you can get a dress that will comply for various occasion usage then you have nailed it.

A shirt that is suitable for work and that can later be transformed into great social occasion wear is the one you really want. Choose carefully and always consider how many ways you can style it.

Size & comfort

This is straight forward enough but still important. So many of us choose a shirt dress based on its look, but never really think what it would look like on ourselves.

Try on your shirt dress before purchase to make sure it suits your own personal style. Check the fit is right and that it feels comfortable. It’s a common mistake we can make when buying our shirt dress so always to be better safe than sorry. Play it safe.

Think accessories

You have your eye on that beautiful shirt dress. It’s comfortable and the style you like. Now think can I pair it with it with my current accessory collection.

Do I have a bag and coat that I can wear with to complete its great look? There is no point having that great shirt dress if you don’t have anything to match with it.

Check your current arsenal of fashion accessories and see if you can pair and match them to it. Consider bring them to the store and seeing how they look while wearing the dress.

It can be a costly exercise if you have the right shirt dress for you and nothing to accessorise it with. Shop clever.

We have selected three of the most up to date and stylish shirt dresses for you to consider this season. Each one has its own individual look for various occasions.

Remember, everyone’s taste in fashion is different. What may look good on someone else may not suit your look or body style. All three of these are winners and in line with the current fashion trends right now.

Shirred Waist Midi Shirt Dress from V by Very

This 100% Viscose A-line dress from Very comes in a beautiful blue floral finish. Its features include soft pleats that cajole both the bust and waistline. Shirred cuffs with crochet trims combines well with its pointy collar finish that makes it a modern yet elegant dress fit for various occasions.

Black Chain Print Mini Shirt Dress from Debenhams

This mini shirt dress from Principles that is available from Debenhams Ireland is a real day to evening fashion pleaser. Its soft viscose material fuses well with its three-quarter length sleeve and V-neck finish. This is definitely fun fashion for those ladies on the go.

Lennon Courtney Autumn Shirt Dress from Dunnes Stores

Another classic design from Irish fashion designers, Sonya Lennon and Brendan Courtney. This polyester shirt dress is a polished time piece. Cuffed long sleeves complement its concealed button-up front and side pockets. Its design is completed with an all-over print finish.


Autumn shirt dresses for 2019

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