Your complete guide to wearing business attire

Your complete guide to wearing business attire

Your complete guide to wearing business attire. If you’ve ever worked in an office or attended an interview, you know that dressing for business is a challenge. Striking the balance between professionalism and style can be tricky.

Thankfully, we are here to help with this complete guide to help you choose chic yet appropriate workwear.

Here’s how to wear business attire for women.

What is business attire?

Business attire is a formal dress code for offices and corporate events. For men, a suit is generally required, while women have more options. While business suits or skirts are ideal, separates and business dresses can also work well.

Business casual vs formal business

Business casual attire and formal business attire differ significantly. It’s important to know which one you’re dressing for.

Business casual is a relaxed style of office wear. It’s often worn in contemporary places of work along with ‘casual Fridays’ in more conservative offices. Formal business attire is more sophisticated than business casual and is reserved for a more traditional office setting.

When to wear business attire

When dressing for the office, it’s important to choose clothes that feel comfortable. Trousers make a good choice as they are typically easier to move around in than skirts.


Business attire makes a great choice for interviews. It’s gives you a polished and smart appearance. A slim cut navy suit with a white shirt and pumps makes a great look. Select minimal jewelry and go for a structured black handbag.

After-hours work events

Cocktail business attire is sometimes required for after work events. You’ll want to keep things dressy but professional. Try choosing a dress that has flounced sleeves, a unique pattern or decorative neckline, finishing the look with pumps and a clutch.

If you don’t want to wear a dress, choose a slim suit.

Winter business attire

When dressing for the office in winter, make simple changes to your wardrobe to beat the cold. Swapping a shirt for a turtleneck sweater will provide warmth while keeping you looking stylish. Changing pumps for heeled boots can have a similar effect. Opting for heavier fabrics and investing in a good winter coat can help keep the cold at bay.

Business trousers

From straight legged, to bootcut to cigarette styles, business pants for women come in a variety of styles. When choosing the best pair for you, pick one that works with your body shape. If your pants bunch at the bottom, be sure to tailor them instead of cuffing them.

Choose classic colours such as navy, black or grey.

Business skirts

If you choose to wear a skirt for business attire, the length is crucial. Your skirt should finish around or below the knee. Make sure the slits don’t come up too high and that it’s not too tight so that you’re comfortable.

Business shirts

It’s hard to go wrong with a business shirt for work. Not only will you look smart and professional but, because shirts come in different colors and styles, they are suitable for all occasions.

Invest in black and white styles that will work with wardrobe basics. For something different, add in soft tones and deep hues.

Business dresses

Business dresses should be form fitting but not overly tight. They should be a nice length, finishing at the knee or below and not be revealing. Short and long-sleeved styles are more appropriate for business settings but sleeveless styles can work when paired with a sweater or shirt underneath or a blazer.

Business suits

A business suit is an excellent option for women working in a formal setting. Keep things simple with a neutral colour, plain fabric with little decorative details.

Add a business shirt and court shoes and you’ll appear sharp and stylish.

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Your complete guide to wearing business attire

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