Caroline Mitchell Irish fashion designer

Caroline Mitchell Irish fashion designer

Caroline Mitchell Irish fashion designer. Knitwear has always been an intricate part of Irish fashion. Being a practical piece of clothing in centuries gone-by, it is today a stable part of Irish fashion enjoyed all around the world.

Caroline could sew at the age of five

Caroline Mitchell is an Irish fashion designer, known globally for her creative knitwear pieces. Mitchell was introduced to fashion design from an early age.

Her mother worked for years for designer Irene Gilbert in Dublin. At the age of five, she mastered the skill of sewing, knitting and crocheting.

Since graduating from The Limerick School of Art and design, Caroline has over twenty years’ experience working with many Irish and International companies.

She set up her own business in 1996

In 1996, she set up her own fashion label and today is the mastermind behind some of stunning knitwear garments to come out of Ireland.

Mitchell’s exclusive designs feature hand beaded, crochet and embroidered details on easy to wear shapes. She puts her emphasis on colour, texture and comfort.

As part of her designs, Caroline works with luxurious yarns from France and Italy with Swarovski Crystals and beads from India.

Caroline produces ready to wear pieces 

Her extraordinary designs are timeless and have the ability to flatter any figure. Caroline specialises in designing for those special occasions.

From Mother of the Bride or Groom design, her talent for compiling master pieces with that stylish finish are certainly special.

Her clothing is popular her in Ireland with a considerable amount of fashion boutiques stocking her ready to wear collections.

Caroline sits as a member of Council of Irish Fashion Designers. Her work often features on lots of national TV programs like Expose and Nationwide. 2016 saw Caroline nominated for Best Designer at the Irish Fashion Innovation Awards

If you are a fan of great Irish knitwear and Irish fashion designs, you can follow Caroline on her social media links below. Her work is creative and we love it.

As we say, everyone should have a piece of Irish fashion magic design in their wardrobe.


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Caroline Mitchell Irish fashion designer


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