How to get rid of dark circles under your eyes

How to get rid of dark circles under your eyes

How to get rid of dark circles under your eyes. Dark circles under the eyes can give the appearance that someone is older than they actually are. There are many reasons why these circles appear but most of this is down to neglect of our body.

For example, lack of sleep, allergies, smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol are the main causes.

On a brighter note this look is curable and you don’t need expensive potions or lotions to rid yourself of those dark circles.

If you suffer from dark circles around your eyes then here are a few home-made natural remedies that can help you say good bye to that depressing look.

Coconut Ol Treatment 

There are many benefits to using coconut oil as part of your beauty regime. It can help your physical health and beauty looks. When you spot them dark circles under your eyes massage extra virgin coconut oil around the dark areas before bed.

Rise off the oil in the morning using lukewarm water. It’s the vitamin E and antioxidants found in coconut oil help heal and repair your damaged skin cells. Coconut oil also contains anti-inflammatory properties that also help reduce swelling.

Cucumber & Lemon Treatment

Most of us know that the cucumber can heal all by themselves. However, if you are in a hurry to reduce that dark eye look then soak them in pure lemon juice for 5 minutes.

Apply the cucumber to your eyes and leave them there for 15 minutes. Avoid getting the lemon juice in your eyes as this stings like hell!

Cold Milk Treatment

Another wonderful treatment that is not given enough credit is cold milk. This actually contains lactic acid. It is known for helping to reduce darkness and puffiness to the areas surrounding the eyes. Just soak two cotton balls in cold milk and apply them under your eyes for a 5 minutes.

The Tomato Treatment

The old red tomato are well-known for helping lighten the skin. It contains bleaching properties that will remove dark circles around your eyes. Simply mix one teaspoon of tomato juice with a table spoon of lemon juice.

Apply this under your eyes and let it sit there for 15 minutes. Then rinse off with lukewarm. Do this twice weekly and see some amazing results. Make sure not to get the lemon extracts in your eyes.

Cold Tea Bags Treatment

Another popular way to remove dark circles around your eyes is the cold tea bag treatment. Soak two tea bags in hot water for 5 minutes. Then place them into a cup and refrigerate for 20 minutes.

Squeeze out the excess water and place them on your eyes. Leave on for about 20 minutes. Remove and wash the eye area with lukewarm water.

Rose Water Treatment

Did you know that Rose water helps rejuvenate the skin. It soothes tired eyes and can help reduce those dark circles around the eyes. Soak a cotton pad in rose water for approximately 5 minutes.

Then place the soaked cotton pad directly on your closed eyelids. Let it sit for around 15 minutes. For quicker results, do this twice daily for up to 1 to 2 weeks. A real game changer.


How to get rid of dark circles under your eyes

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