Tips when choosing your winter hat

Tips when choosing your winter hat

Tips when choosing your winter hat. As the days become that bit cooler, all of us are looking for that extra bit of layering to keep us warm.

You have your coat and scarf but what about your head? This is one part of the body that is the most exposed during the cold winter months.

It’s not a matter of throwing any old thing on our head to keep it warm. It also needs to blend in with our choice of clothing so it doesn’t look out of place.

There is nothing worse than a great look being spoiled by a hat that doesn’t match or fit your look. Whatever hat you choose it must suit your specific style plus keep your head warm.

We have put together a few tips to remember when choosing your hat this season. They are quick and easy things to take onboard that will help you get the right hat for you.

Know your facial shape

Like sunglasses or any other accessories, you need a hat that blends in with the shape of your face. If your facial shape is round or square choose that hat with a low profile and straight brim.

For those of you with long faces, pick a low profile hat with a wide brim. If you have an oval face then you are lucky as every style of hat works.

Get the hat size right

Always choose a hat that is the proper size for your head. Wearing a hat that is either too big or too small can create a larger or smaller face proportion. This does not look good so you need that hat that is comfortable and the right size.

Wear your hair style in accordance to your hat design.

Try and style your hair when donning your favourite hat. Cold moist air can cause your hair to lose its shape or frizz. Try keeping it in a low ponytail or even a bun. This will ensure your look is polished and nicely put-together.

If you hair is curly or tends to frizz, avoid winter beanie hats. Because the beanie perches close to the head it can make hair ends frizz up. This will make your hair look fractious. The only type of hair that really suits the Beanie look is long hair. The best type of hair to wear with beanies is long hair. Also choose a solid colour beanie that will match with your wardrobe

Get the material right

This is important as you want your hat to keep you warm as well as look stylish. Always choose a material that is warm. Woollen knit hats are great and also look stylish.

Another option is Herringbone and Tweed berets. These also provide warmth and great style as well. Always make sure the material you choose won’t irritate your head or skin. If it’s itchy or makes you uncomfortable then you won’t wear it.

One final tip

It may or may not be important to you but always check the cleaning instructions of your choice of hat. See if it can be washed at home or if it needs to be professionally dry cleaned.


Tips when choosing your winter hat

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