How to choose practical boxer shorts

How to choose practical boxer shorts

How to choose practical boxer shorts.Worn by many men, hated by few, the Boxer Short is a true fashion staple enjoyed by men of all ages.

Unlike briefs, the boxer offers more comfort to the body than support. Lots of guys choose brand over comfort with most of the big name manufacturers blasting their name or logo around the waist band.

The harsh fact that comfort should always come first when choosing Boxer Shorts. They are worn throughout the day so comfortable must take priority over looks or brand names.

They are an intimate part of every guys wardrobe and investing in good quality boxer shorts in important. There are few factors to consider when buying boxers but the main ones to remember are

  • Get the material and fit right
  • Be practical with your choice of colours

Once you consider both of the above then you are on your way to getting the perfect pair of boxer shorts for you.

Get the material and fit right

Today, boxer shorts come in a various types of material. The most common are

  • Cotton: The cotton boxer are very popular as they help your body breathe. They stay close to the body which provides extra comfort.
  • Modal: This is nice and soft. Again it’s ideal for wearing with jeans or trousers. Not an ideal choice for the gym though
  • Nylon: A common choice in the boxer department. They too are comfortable but do not absorb sweat for those of your keep fit fanatics. They are built for years usage.
  • Polyester: Like the Polyester boxer short, they are practical and basic but best suited to athletic wear. They sit well on the body and offers a bit more support than cotton boxers. They wash well and last for years
  • Silk: These are simply for show. They look fab and feel great but offer little or no support to the lower region. They are also a high maintenance piece of underwear.

First of all you need to choose a material that feels comfortable on. They must also be practical.

Be practical with your choice of colours

So now you know the right boxer short for you. Choosing the right colours is the next step. They come in so many different shades that you have to consider how practical your choice of colours will be. As yourself

  1. If I choose a light colour like whites or pale blues, will they hide stains?
  2. If you are a sports person who wears white shorts, will they show through if they are a dark colour?
  3. Do you want crazy patterned coloured boxer shorts that may leave you open to ridicule when changing in front of your friends?

You will be surprised how many guys never consider the above until they have bought their boxers. Some fellas say it doesn’t really matter what colour they are but in reality it does matter.

Blacks and Navy are always a safe bet. They are great a hiding stains. Whites are good for sports people who may encounter transparent sportswear as part of their uniform.

If you simple don’t care then yeah go for boxers with patterns. Always remember that as well as looking great, they have to feel comfortable. If not then it’s a waisted investment as you simply won’t wear them. Choose carefully!


How to choose practical boxer shorts

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