How to choose the right Jumper Dress for your figure

How to choose the right Jumper Dress for your figure

How to choose the right Jumper Dress for your figure. As the temperatures drop, our summer dresses say goodbye for another season. We are all looking for alternative fashion that will keep us stylish and warm for the months ahead.

Hello to the jumper dress. The Jumper dresses of today are modern and chic and can enhance any girls look if worn correctly. Getting that perfect jumper dress is a challenge but not impossible. There are so many ways you to wear the jumper dress but rule number one is to get the fit right.

Get the basics right

Regardless how many styling tactics you can conger up, it’s vital to dress in a way that’s going to flatter your figure. Here are a few tips to consider when buying that new jumper dress for the season ahead.

Consider your size

If you are small and petite, then opt for a styles that will elongate the figure. Look for that jumper dresses that includes embellishments to its top half.

Note that vertical stripes will also help lengthen your figure. A Jumper dress that is bulk and oversized is simply shapeless. You run the risk of overcrowding your petite frame.

Try and avoid anything beefy as it just won’t look right. A bodycon or ribbed jumper dress design are good alternatives.

Plus-Sized ladies

For you plus sized ladies, never be nervous to envelop the jumper dress look. Go for soft, lightweight fabrics opposed to a stocky knit dress. You can also add a belt to show off your waistline. Choose solid and bold colours to bring out your best look. These are safe and don’t really clash.

Pear Shape figure

For you pear-shaped ladies, choose a Boat or Bardot neckline. This will help to balance your frame that will create an hourglass silhouette.

Still undecided?

If you are still unsure which Jumper dress style is for you, choose a midi or above the knee lengths finish dress. These can be overall flattering.

These are very simple but basic tips to remember when choosing your Jumper dress. They come in so many different designs and colours that there is a dress there for you. Make sure it is comfortable and check the fabrics to make sure they won’t irritate your skin.


How to choose the right Jumper Dress for your figure

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