Ways to get that great white Jeans look

Ways to get that great white Jeans look

Ways to get that great white Jeans look. We all love white fashion but to some it can be a bugger to keep clean. We dread that horrible wine strain or food stain that can ruin their look and possible your night!

At least if you have an accident with a white top you can add layering to cover it. Unfortunately, with white trousers it’s a different matter. Any disaster is there for all to see. This is why we are always a little more careful when we don our white trousers.

In saying that the finished white trouser look is definitely worth it. There is something refreshing and clean about its look that makes any outfit look complete.

Popularised in recent years by the likes of The Kardashians, Gigi Hadid and Victoria Beckham, the White trouser look is to be enjoyed by women of all ages. Before they were a summer fashion staple, today they are an all-year rounder.

Their main benefits are their ability to make any girl smart or super casual and it’s how you style them that matters.

White jeans of course are the most popular of them all. They come in so many different styles. It’s choosing the right type for the right occasion which is key. Knowing when and style to wear is where you can nail your look.

We have picked our three simple occasions of where to bring out the best look for your white jeans.

The office or work look

The wide-leg and flared cut jeans are best suited for the office or work. Their finish look is smart and can be easily accessorised with a top up of tan.

Neutral tones like peach and pale pink can really compliment and blend with white jeans. Complete with blazer and strappy heels and you have nailed your super look.

The date night look

The white jeans look can be super sexy if you can get the pairing right with the rest of your outfit. You want your look to be “heah look at me” but not something that make you look easy.

Choose a flare cut jean and pair with loose fitting top and fitted jacket for that killer look. It’s smart and casual without going over the top.

The weekend white jeans look

Great for the weekend, the white jeans can go with almost anything. It can transcend easily from casual to smart casual without much effort. Skinny jeans are fab for your days off.

They can be paired with a low neck bodysuit, cardigan and loafers for that super casual look. Take it up a notch for that great night out by adding a polka dot blouse and fitted jacket in brown, navy or black.

Now you are ready to rock with your besties. Oh, don’t forget those strappy heels. Perfect!


Ways to get that great white Jeans look

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