Create that great classic Leather Jacket look

Create that great classic Leather Jacket look

Create that great classic Leather Jacket look. The leather jacket is one of the true fashion looks that has stood the test of time. It’s versatility has ensured it has been an on trend item now for years.

It is a truly honest fashion staple for any man to look good in. Since it’s revival back in the mid 80’s thanks to Tom Cruise and Top Gun, it has managed to hold on to its place as a “go to” piece of fashion for men.

With sustainability on all our minds now, Faux leather is making a charge in replacing the traditional cow skin. The Leather Jacket can make a statement to who you are or how you are feeling.

Most fellas have owned one at some time or another in their life. Although there are several designs of the Leather Jacket, we are going to concentrate on classic design. It’s the most popular amongst men and covers most styling corners.

The Classic Leather Jacket

The classic leather jacket is probably the most undervalued style of the Leather Jacket. The important thing to remember when choosing this style is to get the fit right. There are very few added styling features to this type so the right fit is everything.

It’s look is basic and probably more conservative than other Leather Jackets of today. It is for the man who love the plain but stable fashion finish without the fuss. It you are the guy who likes to keep things plain and simple without the razzmatazz then this jacket is for you.

How to style your classic Leather Jacket

Having a great looking Leather Jacket is one thing but how you style it is another. Get the fit and colour right and you will be sorted.

  • First of all, you have to remember when choosing your classic Leather Jacket, make sure you get the colour right. The classic normally comes in black as it goes with anything. However, don’t be scared to experiment with tans or browns as they still look fab.
  • Always make sure than when you are pairing your outfit to keep to neutral colours, this creates a simple finish, no fuss. For that great daytime look you can pair with jeans, polo shirt and runners. For night-time socialising, move your look up a step. Nice plain shirt, jeans or trousers with boots is a great polished look.
  • A good classic Leather Jackets tends to wear well with time. However, this depends on how well you look after it. Make sure to keep it out of the way of rain. Wipe it down after use with a damp cloth. Always zip it up and store on a padded hanger to ensure it keeps it shape. You don’t want points forming at the corner of the shoulders.


Create that great classic Leather Jacket look

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