Linda Wilson Irish fashion designer

Linda Wilson Irish fashion designer

Linda Wilson Irish fashion designer. Donegal native, Linda Wilson is one of Ireland’s leading knitwear fashion designers.

Linda’s blends silk & cashmere alongside 100% merino lambswool in her creations. This technique allows Linda to create uniquely individual and wearable garments.

Donegal fashion designer

As an award winning designer, she fuses the natural qualities of the yarn with quirky stitch structures. This helps her create textiles that have a sense of the rich Irish heritage in their knit.

Linda’s specially created fashion piece are both designed and produced in her Limerick studio.

Colour and texture are evident in her designs. She attributes this to her background of growing up on a small farm in rural Donegal during the eighties.

Linda worked as a free-lance designer within the Irish knitwear industry before setting up on her own in 2000

Linda has her own studio  in Limerick

Her garments offer something distinctively different which are created from her own fabrics.

Linda’s keen eye for design allows her to turn them into unique and contemporary clothing.

Her home grown collections include stunning dresses, jumpers and accessories that are adapted to suit all seasons.

Linda’s knitwear is also available at selected fashion stores in Ireland and around the world.

Those of you who respect quality Irish knitwear can also review and purchase her pieces at her website here.

You can also keep up to date with news of her latest work and designs by following Linda on the social media links below.

If you are a fan of true Irish knitwear design, then we can strongly recommend you check out designs by this talented Donegal fashion designer. Her creations are well designed fashion pieces with that subtle Celtic look.

Great designs from a truly creative Irish fashion designer. We love her work and know you will as well!


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Linda Wilson Irish fashion designer

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