Selecting knickers to suit your body type

Selecting knickers to suit your body type

Selecting knickers to suit your body type. The choice or pants or knickers today is endless. From G-strings, to thongs to full style briefs, the list goes on.

Getting the right knickers for your body type is extremely important. It’s not as simple as picking up a pair that looks nice. They are probably one of the hardest working pieces of clothing you wear every day. Yes, you want them to look nice, but comfort is key.

Choosing the right pair of knickers can really determine how you feel throughout the day. The last thing you need is an uncomfortable pair that ride up your bum every time you move.

They also need to flatter your look too. You can’t afford those horrible VPL’s appearing that will attract attention to bum for the wrong reasons.

To keep things really simple, we have picked out some designs based on various body shapes. We are all different shapes and sizes. Getting the knickers that are right for each of us is essential.

Here are some quick tips to help you choose the right style of knickers for your body shape.

Selecting knickers to suit your body type

The Athletic Body Type

This type of body design is slimmer and toned. It has a tighter bum shape with smaller curves. A knicker designer with a smaller and sexier shape is great. They provide just enough coverage to the bum.

The Thong sits a bit higher on the leg than a classic brief and has deeper sides than G-strings. These are fab for hiding the visible panty lines.

The Athletic shaped body is normally toned with less curves. This makes the thong ideal for this shape. They sit high on the belly and create a shape and curves with their cutaway back.

Try and avoid high-waist briefs. The athletic figure doesn’t normally require the coverage and support these provide. They create a boxy silhouette around the hips and waist. Go with the Thong.

The Apple Body Type

This type of figure comes with a bigger midrith and larger bust. The hip area also tends to be narrower. The classic brief tends to suit all shapes but are especially great for the apple body type figure.

As a liable fashion staple for any good underwear drawer, the classic brief are designed to flatter. They are also more comfortable for everyday wear supplying adequate coverage to your bottom.

Another great design of pants are the Midi-rise style knicker. These are fab for flattering the tummy. They sit just on your hips which helps minimise the stomach without sheltering it.”

Avoid the full knicker design. These park higher on the hips. These focus the fullest part of your body which makes you look bigger.

The Mature Body Type

As we get older our muscles start to slacken. This is evident in most middle-aged women. The Shorts style pants are a super option for the mature bum, where the skin may have lost its flexibility and shape.

The short pant style knicker provides that extra coverage and allow for more shape and support. Most mature shapes have less of a toned figure.

Shorts are the right choice as they offer more coverage to the leg area. They also balance slightly higher on the belly. This will help to hold the tummy in place without supplying too much coverage. Avoid the Brazilian knicker look.

Because mature ladies bums look better shaped. Brazilian or Thong knickers are not designed for this. They also don’t provide much shape either.

The Pear Shaped Body Type

This body type comes with wider hips and a bigger bum which is how it gets its name (the pear shape) The Brazilian Knicker is perfect for this body type.

The Brazilian knicker are flattering for the pear shaped body. Being bigger at the bottom than on top, this marginally scantily designed knicker provides less coverage to the bum. This helps balance out the body.

Given its smaller cut, this helps to minimise the area to the belly. Because it sits lower on the hip, it portrays a smaller bottom look while giving less coverage. Avoid the Shorts pants.

Although shorts are not a bad option for bigger bums, it’s about getting the balance right. If you are smaller on top and wider at the bottom, shorts are least effective harmonising your overall look.

Shorts simply cover too much and may attract more focus to your -bottom. Because they sit lower on the leg, your legs will look shorter.


So, based on our four body types above, here are the knickers you need to help compliment, support and offer comfort to your body. Always choose underwear that is fitted correctly.

  • Athletic Body Type: The Thong
  • Apple Body Type: The Classic Brief
  • Mature Body Type: Short Style Knickers
  • Pear Shaped Body Type: Brazilian Style Knickers

Selecting knickers to suit your body type

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