Things to check when buying a Bodysuit

Things to check when buying a Bodysuit

Things to check when buying a Bodysuit. In the past few years the Bodysuit has been revived thanks to celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Kylie Jenner.

It’s a comfortable piece of fashion that can be used as underwear or under layering, or both. Today they are available in so many different designs and material and colours.

Based on the same model as a one-piece swimsuit, the Bodysuit is designed to cover the torso and crotch. Lots of women prefer the Bodysuit because of its tight fit to the body.

Some come with sleeves, others don’t. The beauty is that it can act as a vest built into your day or night fashion look. Getting the right Bodysuit for you is always important.

You need it to perform a few basic duties, so it has to be right. We have put together a few things to consider when buying your next bodysuit. Comfort is key, style is essential.

Things to check when buying a Bodysuit

Get the length of your Bodysuit right

This is the most important thing to remember when buying your Bodysuit. The fit has to be right. It has to be comfortable to the wearer. If not, you simply won’t wear it!

If you get the length wrong and it’s too small, it will cause it to rise up which will cut into your skin (ooch) In the event your Bodysuit is too big then this will look baggy and frumpy under your clothing (not good)

Both ways it’s going to be uncomfortable to wear. One trick to remember when looking for your bodysuit is this. When trying it on, put on a pair of bottoms over it like you would when wearing them normally.

Now Sit down and this will show you if it is too tight or too loose. If you can sit normally without having it adjust it then you have the size right. Check for sagging around the shoulders. It should fit comfortably all over your body.

Check the bust is correct

Getting the bust size right is another key ingredient to getting the right Bodysuit.

If you have a large chest you need to ensure that there no major gap between your under-boob and the bodysuit.

It shouldn’t be stretched tightly over your body either but instead hug your body comfortably.

The feel and fit should feel like regular fitted top and blend into your contours.

Remember, if it doesn’t then no matter how much you like it, it’s too small for you. Try the next size up or search for one with more stretch in the material.

Spandex or rayon are a great choice. For those of you smaller chested ladies, you still need to make sure it is fitted correctly. Comfort is key to a good Bodysuit.

Check the rear

Now that you have the length and the chest sorted it’s time to check the rear. This has to be near perfect as it can make or break your bodysuit. If the bottom of the suit is too small when wearing tight clothing, it will cause a VPL.

No woman can afford a Visible Panty Line as part of their finished look. It looks tacky and cheap. This can happen if the suit is too small when wearing legging as it will show your underwear line.

It’s also possible that a tight suit may aggravate your bikini line. Your bodysuit should lay over your bum comfortably without creating any lines. One way to get round this is to choose a Bodysuit with thong finish.

Get the material right

All depending on the clothes you wish to pair with, make sure you check the material. This is also important. If you intend to wear it as a vest type, you don’t want it to be see-though around the breast area.

This can be embarrassing and cheaper your overall look. Choose materials that cover your essentials enough, so you don’t have to be conscious of unwanted stares. The Bodysuit is to be enjoyed and by following these steps will help you get the perfect Bodysuit fit for your great body.


Things to check when buying a Bodysuit

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