How to style your scarf the Parisian way

How to style your scarf the Parisian way

How to style your scarf the Parisian way. There is something about the scarf that complete any women’s great look. It has that great ability to remodel a gal’s style into the completed finish.

The Parisian scarf is no exception and the women of Paris won’t leave the house without one. To the Parisian woman the scarf isn’t simply about keeping warm, it’s about attitude.

French ladies don’t just wear a scarf, they love to flaunt them. To them it’s all about donning their scarf in just the right to show off their confidence.

To some women, scarfs can be intimidating. Maybe it’s because some of them don’t know how to tie a scarf properly. It could also be they feel overly accessorised. Whatever the reason, wearing a scarf is and should also be fun.

We have put together some basic tips that will help you choose and style your scarf the Parisian way.

Get the size right

When it comes to choosing the size of your scarf, the bigger the better. You should always be able to cloak your scarf around your neck at least once without it feeling tight. There must also be enough material hanging loosely on both sides right down to the waist. Always check for the correct length based on your body size.

How to wear your scarf the Parisian way

You have a choice here. You can either let the ends of the scarf hang loose on your chest or rear or simply tie the scarf around your neck.

Once you can master these first two steps, you are over half way there in getting that great Parisian fashion look..

Get the fabric right

During the colder weather your scarf is pulled up to your face and the first thing people will notice about you.

When choosing your scarf, try and avoid synthetics at all costs. Go for woollen, linen, silk or cashmere material. Treat your scarf as a sound investment. During the winter months it will feature as part of your daily look.

You want comfort and style combined. It is worth spending the extra money on quality.

Ensure the colour is correct

The black or neutrals colours always represent class. Look for scarfs that come in beige, grey, white, brown. You won’t go wrong choosing these. They have a tendency to pair with almost anything in your wardrobe.

Maybe based on your character you may want to choose bold colours. They will brighten up your face on darker days.
There are a few rules to remember when choosing the colour of your scarf. Apart for from neutral colours.

The colour of your scarf should never match the colour of your coat or jacket.

Colours of your scarf should be different than any colour of your outfit, except for neutrals).

Choose the neutral scarf look if your coat is colourful. Make sure to match it correctly with a complimentary colour like red with green. However, you won’t beat neutrals.

If the coat you are wearing is a neutral colour, feel free to pair any colour scarf you like.

Careful with patterns

A good winter coat can be expensive compared to your scarf. Why not spend well and invest in a few scarves. This will help you have a different look every day.

The women of Paris have lots of them. When it comes to patterns you can be audacious. However, remember to follow the golden rule as for colourful scarves. Do not pair a pattern scarf with a pattern coat.

Shape is important

Remember to keep it simple! Ethnic patterns and detailing may look good sometimes, but the saying “keep it simple, stupid,” applies here.

Here are a few suggestions how to get that great finish

  • Tie the scarf around your neck. Try and avoid knotting it at the top of the chest or at the bust point.
  • A diagonal line is always good. It cuts the figure and redirects the eye.
  • Why not be creative and tie your scarf at the wrist and wear as a belt. These are adventurous other ways to wear your scarf.

However, around your neck is the best. Make your scarf is always clean. It represents your style so own it!


How to style your scarf the Parisian way

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