Choose the right Gilet for you

Choose the right Gilet for you

Choose the right Gilet for you. The Gilet is pronounced “Jee-Lay” or “Gee-Lay.” It is a  sleeveless jacket sometimes referred to as a body warmer.

It’s normally worn as an extra piece of layering during colder weather.

Originating from France back in the ninetieth century, the Gilet was originally worn as a decorative vest.

It’s original design was based on keeping the body warm opposed to a fashion piece of clothing.

It’s functionality today has changed to a more practical purpose. It still includes a design that includes a smooth and tight fit.

What is the difference between a Gilet and a body warmer?

There are often misconception between the difference between a Gilet and a body warmer. Their names are different and they nearly both serve the same purpose but they do differ.

  • A Gilet: This is usually comes in a more streamlined fit with some including fur or synthetic trim lining. It’s a more stylish piece than the body warmer.
  • The Body Warmer. This is a more puffa style jacket with padding. It’s designed more for warmth in mind than styling.
What are the benefits of wearing a Gilet?
  • Its slim line design allows for the showing off of the torso.
  • As a fashion statement to many, its light weight allows for the wearing of tees or jumper underneath.
  • It isn’t as bulky as the traditional body warmer.
  • It still keeps the body warm.
Different types of Gilet

The Gilet comes in a range of different styles and designs. Some to remember are as follows

The Quilted Gilet

This usually has visible quilting to its outer design. The insulation inside each pocket come separated by stitching. This allows for the retention of warmth to the body on cold days with the air remains trapped inside. It is a great choice for those people who spend hours at a time outside.

The Fleece Gilet.

This design is more light weight and designed for a slimmer fit. It’s fleece material works great as both an outer layering and mid-layer piece. Its normally worn underneath a jacket or coat.

Certain fleece Gilets have zipped interactive jackets. This allows it to act perfectly as a mid-layer.

The Technical Sports Gilet.

A technical sports garment, its used for outdoor sports activities like golf, rugby or football. Designed with sports people in mind, Its composition include lighter material and added features like extra pockets.

The Gilet of today is a wonderful piece of fashion clothing. Getting the right one for your need is important. Now we have explained the difference types of Gilets, this should help choose the one for you.


Choose the right Gilet for you

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