Why you should switch to natural deodorant

Why you should switch to natural deodorant

Why you should switch to natural deodorant. Most of us depend on deodorant like the air we breathe, relying on it to get us through our workouts and keep us odour-free.

But the pit-falls (pun intended) of using regular deodorant vary from skin irritation, possible health risks and even making perspiration worse.

But natural deodorant can help these issues.

Here’s some of the reasons why you should switch to natural deodorant.

You are supposed to sweat (and need to)

Sweating may seem disgusting and we know the feeling of not wanting to run into someone because we may smell. But sweating is our bodies’ way of regulating our temperature and releasing toxins.

Antiperspirants don’t allow the body to properly release those toxins and cool down. Not to mention that they are completely unnecessary for preventing body odour.

Sweat isn’t what smells. What does create that dreaded body odour is when sweat comes into contact with the natural bacteria on the skin.

Deodorants and antiperspirants can cause skin issues

Antiperspirants work by closing up the pores to prevent perspiration, but this means that sweat builds up beneath the skin. This can cause bumpy skin and irritation. If you have bad razor burns or irritated armpits, consider switching to natural deodorant.

And make perspiration worse

The buildup of sweat beneath the skin also comes with buildup of the good bacteria that digests sweat, limiting our bodies’ ability to digest any bad bacteria, making your sweat smell worse.

The aluminium compounds can cause an acidic reaction to fabric, which makes those sweat stains on your white t-shirts.

Some diseases have been linked to deodorants

Because antiperspirants are applied often and on skin near breasts, some reports claim that the chemicals could be absorbed through the skin and cause estrogen-like hormonal effects. Alzheimer’s and Breast Cancer have both been linked to aluminium compounds found in antiperspirants.

Natural deodorants can benefit your skin

Not only does using natural deodorants limit skin issues and diseases possible from their non-natural counterparts, but they have some health benefits themselves. Natural deodorants don’t block pores, meaning good bacteria can keep working, which means less odour, even when you aren’t wearing any deodorant.

An irritated-free armpit results in a closer shave and you can forget about getting pit stains on your favourite t-shirts. Some ingredients used in natural deodorants, like witch hazel, can also shrink pores and smooth razor burn.

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