Stylish ways to dress up your plaid shirt

Stylish ways to dress up your plaid shirt

Stylish ways to dress up your plaid shirt. Button-up plaid shirts are like white t-shirts: they are a go-with-everything staple that can look feminine, punk or wonderfully basic. They are the off-duty favourite of just about everyone but can just as easily suit your office wardrobe or make a great date night look.

Whether you’re challenging slip dresses and waisted-tied styles or wearing your plaid shirt with your favourite modern pieces like ankle boots or culottes, here are some stylish ways to help your dress up your plaid shirt.

Bring it back to the 90s

Channel your inner 90s chick and tie a bright plaid shirt around your waist to take your denim jeans and t-shirt to the next level.

Office to post-work drinks

For the perfect office to after work drinks, tuck your plaid button-down into a leather midi skirt and finish it off with a pair of your favorite pumps.


If there is anything that can make khaki pants look cool, it’s a plaid shirt. Add hyped-up accessories like a bucket hat and log-sole shoes and you’ve got yourself a stylish outfit.

Over-the-knee boots

Skip the leggings and wear an oversized plaid shirt with your best pair of over-the-knee boots. For extra coverage, wear a pair of bike shorts underneath the shirt.

Wear it as a skirt

Take some style inspiration from Winnie Harlow and wear a plaid shirt as a skirt. All you need is two of them to pull of this look. Button one up as normal, then know the other around your waist. Button down the bottom and wear some short underneath.


Turn your favorite plaid shirt into a going out outfit in two seconds. Tie it in the front then roll up the sleeves. If you’re feeling extra crafty, crop the sleeves with a pair of scissors.

Make a statement

Plaid shirts are so easy to match as there is so many colours worked into the checks. Wear yours with a pair of statement jeans or trousers.

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Stylish ways to dress up your plaid shirt

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