Sustainable Irish fashion accessories from Crann

Sustainable Irish fashion accessories from Crann

Sustainable Irish fashion accessories from Crann. Irish fashion accessory company, Crann have just introduced their new sustainable sunglasses and watches range. All their items are made using recycled plastic, bamboo, oak and a mixture of woods.

Their sunglasses and watches are made using sustainable materials. This includes recycled plastic and wood.

These materials get reused and reimagined into Crann’s sunglasses and watch collection.

Crann Founder, Eoin McGuinness explains that “Crann” is the Irish word for tree. Each Crann product carries a unique Irish name that holds a personal significance. Some of our sunglasses’ names include Baile, Blas, Deas, Aimsir, Gra agus Bo.

The best part about Crann is the fact that a percentage of each sale goes to preserving natural woodland here in Ireland.

Eoin says “We are sustainable by nature. With every purchase of Crann products we give a donation to the Native Woodland Trust.who  are dedicated to the preservation of Ireland’s remaining ancient woodlands.”

The idea for Crann was born on a trip to Thailand. This opened Eoin’s eyes to how other cultures and countries use their raw sustainable materials to create practical and beautiful items.

Ethical fashion

Set up in 2018. Crann use recycled bamboo, oak and mixed woods for their sunglasses. New bamboo, ebony and sandalwood are included in their watches. Eoin works closely with a number of ethical manufacturers in South East Asia.

Crann ensures their supply chain is safe and that all employees are paid fairly and work legal working hours.

Their collection of sunglasses cater for men and women. They come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to suit every style.

Crann sunglasses start from €21.99. Their ladies and gents range are rich in colour and with prices starting from €99.

Recycled Ladies Sunglasses from Crann

Recycled Ladies Sunglasses from Crann

Sunglasses and watches

Crann sunglasses and watches are available in Ireland and the UK.

Shop the range online through their website and from selected retailers.

Crann products are protected by a 1-year warranty. This ensures all goods are guaranteed and are of the highest quality.

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