How to style Men’s sneakers

How to style Men’s sneakers

How to style Men’s sneakers. The sneaker look is an intricate part of every modern man’s look for today. Long be the days when they were attached to just sports and gym wear. From Hollywood’s red carpet to smart day casual, the sneaker is the in choice.

It’s seen a choice of self-expression but getting your look right is crucial for your overall look.

The basic rules of wearing sneakers

Regardless to your choice of sneak, there are some rules you must abide to. These are the holy trinity when it comes to wearing sneakers.

Choose sneakers that that match your current wardrobe

There is little or no point in buying sneakers if they don’t blend in with your wardrobe line-up. Never buy a pair of sneakers that are the “in-thing.”

Trends come and go, and you want that great sneaker that suits your own style. It has to compliment the clothes you wear. If they don’t suit your wardrobe, then you won’t wear them.

You have to love them to wear them. Buying a pair of sneakers that you won’t wear will only gather dust in the bottom of your wardrobe. Take your time choosing the pair that suits you.

How to style Men’s sneakers

Get the occasion right to wear them.

A good pair of sneakers are versatile, but you don’t want them to look too casual. They can be worn in many ways, but all have their place based on the occasion.

While you can get away with wearing them with suits and smart dress they are a definite no no for the likes of a wedding. If you think the event you are going to is a black-tie event then realistically, sneakers are not the thing to wear.

Keep them clean at all times

No matter when you decide to wear sneakers, the golden rule is they should always be clean. Nothing says drab worse than dirty sneakers.

Your footwear is one of the first things that people notice about you. If they look dirty then this can reflect badly on your overall look. Wipe them down after use and always make sure the soles are clean as well.

There is no point looking good in nice fashion clothing if your sneakers let you down.


Understanding the different type of sneaker

g the different type of sneakerSneaker designs today come in many different styles and colours. They can be the basic design to blazing coloured leathers.

Whether they are lace ups to metal fastenings, each have their place in your fashion line-ups. It’s knowing when to wear them is the key! Here is a quick look at different types of sneakers

  • The Basic Sneakers: These are your normal type sneakers like Vans or Converse. They are either leather but more typically come in a basic coloured canvas finish. Overall, they are within everyone’s budget and easy to wear
  • Luxury Designer Sneakers: These are like the basic sneaker but a tad more expensive. They often come in a suede or leather finish. Brands like Michael Kors and Saint Laurent are solid favourites. These are for those smarter casual days and not for lazing around the house.
  • The Classic Sports Sneaker: You have all heard and seen sneakers like Nike Air Max and Reebok Pump. These come under this category. In the past these were used for sports events but now are confined to your wardrobe for your daytime casual look collection.
  • Current Day Sport Sneakers. These are your adidas or Puma stripped sneakers. They are a very casual and sport design that are used for a relaxed daytime look.
  • High End fashion Sneakers. Now we are really going up a notch. These are the premiership in designer brand names. Tom Ford, Givenchy, Christian Louboutin are big hitter in this category. These are worn buy guys who want to be seen and noticed.
How to pair your great sneaker
The basic sneaker

The basic sneaker is definitely the most versatile casual sneaker money can . These blend well with chinos or jeans in almost any shade or colour. However, this style of sneaker does not work with every single occasion. These are best suited to younger men. Key things to remember

  • Pair with slim & skinny denim and chinos
  • Choose casual design look only
  • Keep clean and ensure you maintain them in good shape.
Luxury Designer Sneakers

Now you are moving your finish up a notch. You are going from street casual to smart casual finish. These look great when paired with tailored trousers.

Another great look is twinning them with slim denim, chinos. Avoid wearing this type of sneaker with shorts. Always keep your look refined to the top to match the shoe. Plain tees or a smart polo or plain casual shirts are good options to have. Remember,

  • This type of sneaker allows you to dress up, not dress down
  • Begin with a black pair. When you are more confident with your look, experiment with different colours.
  • Make sure their look is always clean and presentable.

How to style Men’s sneakers

The Classic Sports Sneaker

You can thank Michael Jordan and Nike for this. This look is definitely street. Their iconic style is designed for young men who wanna look hip. They pair great with loose tees, oversized denims and hoodies.

  • Experiment with styles that suit your look then stick to them
  • Mix up different colours. Because they are a young man’s sneaker take that chance and don’t be scared to be different.
Current Day Sport Sneakers

This can either go great or horribly wrong. Getting that right sneaker is important when it comes to getting that great Daytime Sports look. Pair with plain tracksuit bottoms or fitted style jeans.

You want your look to be casual but not chavish. Choose plain hoodies and tees for neutral blending.

  • Never tuck your shirt into your Jeans as your finished look if wearing sneakers
  • Keep clean and pair with white socks only!
High End fashion Sneakers

These are top end so you need to get your look right. If you want to look like a celebrity then you have to be prepared to dress like one too.

One choice popular with most male celebs is them twinning their sneakers with slim denim. This is usually gathered at the bottom and worn with plain tees and open plaid shirts. Another great look is adding black jeans, tee and blazer. Remember to

  • Choose blacks, whites and mute colours
  • Keep the emphasises on the sneaker

One last tip before you choose your perfect sneaker is always try them on in-store before you buy. Getting the size to fit your feet comfortably is key. Walk around the store, jumping side to side and up and down.

If they feel comfortable then buy them. Always check the return policy of the store you purchase goods from, especially on-line.


How to style Men’s sneakers

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