Essential Bras every women should own

Essential Bras every women should own

Essential Bras every women should own. Our lingerie draw is an amazing collection of intimates that we rely on for various occasions throughout the year.

Whether it’s for daytime wear to that important event, we all want that piece of underwear that feels comfy and is sexy. The bra is one of the most important items we will ever own.

It supports and protects our breasts both day and night. As well as making sure that we have the right fitting bra, we want them to look good too! They have to work with at least 60% of your wardrobe.

We have compiled a list of 5 different bras that every women should have in her lingerie draw. Each serving a different occasion.

The T-Shirt or Minimising Bra

This is a good start. It’s a great style piece. A basic T-shirt or minimiser bra are whether smooth or moulded is fab. This is because you can wear almost anything over it.

A well-designed minimising bra is great because you can tanks, tees or just a sweater over them in comfort. It also prevents any awkward lump lines that will throw out your overall great look.

The Strapless Bra

This is a cool number. A double-duty strapless in particular are very versatile They can be paired with a racerback tank top. It also allows for the criss-crossing of straps together that allows for wear with your beautiful halter top.

Strapless Bras in neutral colours that match your skin tone are great. However, don’t be afraid to be adventurous when picking colours. Make sure the bra offers flexibility as well as comfort.

The Sports Bra

We think every woman should own one of these regardless. Whether you are small or big chested. Your breast tissue is really delicate, so you want to make sure you are protecting your bust at all times.

Depending your exercise activity having different sports bras you can wear specifically for various sports and athletics is important.

They offer great support to your boobs but make sure they have sufficient underwire and a smooth cup finish. This will help them support your breasts properly.

For a reasonably good sports bra that can cope with all kinds of physical activity, look for one with removable cups and a criss-cross back for added support.

The Bralette

This is pretty and petite and designed for light activity. It does not offer as much support as the other bras mentioned. They are basically bras without all the underwire that other the other Bras offer.

In saying that, they are the prettiest of the all. They are light and very sexy. Always ensure that the Bralette you choose has good adjustable straps. This will allow you to adjust your bra according to your breast size. Comfort is key for a great looking bralette.

The Wow-Factor Bra

This styled bra is a must for making you feel great and sexy. Every woman should own one. It’s your “go-to” bra that instils self-confidence whenever you have it on.

Some women prefer a black lace designed bra, but for others, it could be a smooth cup in a polka-dot print. Styles and choices vary and you are spoiled for choice with today’s ranges available.

No matter what your choice, you want that bra that is close to your body and makes you feel assured and confident .


When picking a bra, always choose quality over cost. A good bra is essential for women of all sizes. Make sure you get yourself fitted every year to make sure your bra size is correct. They protect your assets and are well worth the investment.


Essential Bras every women should own

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