Ideas on how to style your Bardot top

Ideas on how to style your Bardot top

Ideas on how to style your Bardot top. Most teens can’t get enough of the Bardot look. From tops, bodysuits to dresses, the Bardot look is here to stay. It’s a fab way of flaunting your look for lots of events. From partying to chilling with friend, the Bardot look is elegant and also graceful.

Since the mid eighteen hundreds the Bardot has been a popular off-the-shoulder dress. The Bardot look was revived back in the nineteen sixties thanks to Brigitte Bardot who rejuvenated the Bardot Neckline.

As a tribute to the French actress, the off-the-shoulder trend was named in her honour. With so many different styles, getting the right Bardot top look for you can be tricky. We have put together some very simple tips for you to help you get the right Bardot top.

How to choose the right Bardot top for you

Bardot Tops are designed for simplicity. They have a smooth off-the-shoulder neckline which gives it that great look. It’s not too deep nor too high depending on your own choice of styling.

Most teens prefer the loose look choosing comfort over the skin tight fit. We love the Bardot, off the shoulder flared tops look because it’s sexy as well as captivating.

To give you an example of the various types of Bardot tops available Here are some of the standard designs

  • The simple Bardot top. For that casual daytime look pair your Bardot top with dark jeans and a choker.
  • The Bardot crop top. Another great top that looks great matched with waist jeans
  • A Bardot short sleeves skinny top. Unite this this with a dark coloured pencil skirt and make that look your own.
  • Bardot Frill top. This has fun written all over it. Simply match with a pair of denim shorts or even boyfriend jeans and WOW!!
Under-layer your Bardot properly

There are so many ways when it comes to under layering your great Bardot top. You want the attention to be on your top and not your underwear. There are three simple ways to consider when wearing your Bardot top

  • Bandeau bra: This is to be worn underneath the casual Bardot top. It’s comfortable, simple as.
  • A Strapless bra: This is perfecto for casual and formal Bardot dress. It’s hidden beneath the top so it eliminates the possibility of a fashion fail.
  • Bardot bodysuit: This is a great fashion look as it’s under layer and Bardot top combined. Comfort and class united.

Bardot Styling is one to be enjoyed by girls of all shapes and sizes. It’s the style of top and how you wear it which is important for your perfect final finish.

It’s a fab way to show off your elegant shoulders. Be sure not to overdo it with the tan cream or spray as It doesn’t look right. There is something really sexy about a woman’s shoulder area so don’t spoil your look.

However you chose to wear your Bardot top, enjoy it. It’s great styling for a beautiful you.


Ideas on how to style your Bardot top

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