The proper way to roll up your shirt sleeves

The proper way to roll up your shirt sleeves

The proper way to roll up your shirt sleeves. It seems simple, rolling up your shirt sleeves. But a sloppy folded cuff can ruin even the most well-curated looks. One the flipside, a precision-perfect roll can make it.

The rolls on this list will allow you to look effortlessly sophisticated while also allowing your arms to breathe.

Let’s get rolling.

The classic sleeve roll

You’ve probably already done this before without thinking about it. This look will take the cuff over the elbow so remember to match the shirt with the roll-up style. If you wear something more fitted, you might find this look a bit restrictive.

Use the cuffs as a measuring point, unbutton and fold it once. Continue to repeat this step, pulling the fabric taut so it looks smooth and straight. Keep on rolling until you pass the elbow.

The master sleeve roll

If your shirt’s cuffs have a patterned interior that you want to show off, this is the roll for you. Begin as always with both cuff buttons unbuttoned. Fold the sleeve up, from an inch or so past your elbow. Fold the sleeve to just below the end of the cuff. You want about a third of the cuff and the pattern to be visible.

The vintage sleeve roll

This style has seen a resurgence in popularity due to the likes of David Beckham sporting the look. However, this look requires a little bit of apparatus. You’re going to need yourself a pair of sleeve bands. Secure the upper part of the sleeve using the sleeve band. Pull the shirt up a few inches to conceal the sleeve band underneath the folds of the shirt.

The rule of thirds sleeve roll

You’ll know all about this style if you like photography and design. Essentially, it unveils only a third of your arm. This makes it perfect for more fitted shirts and gives you a more casual than classic style. As always, unbutton the cuff and any gauntlet buttons further up the sleeve.

Using the cuff as a measuring point, roll the sleeve over itself 1-2 times, stopping just below the elbow.

How to avoid wrinkles

The finer the fabric and quality of the shirt, the more noticeable the wrinkles will be when you finally unroll your sleeves. Here are a few tips to ensure you don’t have to worry about wrinkles in your favourite shirt.

  • Never keep your sleeves rolled for longer than necessary. Immediately unroll them once you no longer need them cuffed.
  • Never leave your buttons fastened or cufflinks in when rolling.
  • Never hang up a shirt with the sleeves rolled.
  • Make sure your sleeves aren’t wrinkled before you roll.

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The proper way to roll up your shirt sleeves

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