Richard Malone Irish fashion designer

Richard Malone Irish fashion designer

Richard Malone Irish fashion designer. Fuse rebellious fashion with sustainability and one Irish fashion designer springs to mind.

Wexford born Richard Malone is one of Ireland’s most talented fashion designers.

With roots deeply embedded in the south east of Ireland, Malone translates elegance into easy to wear fashion for women.

Raised in Ardcavan in Co. Wexford

Richard came through the fashion ranks the hard way. Why studying in London, Malone didn’t receive any grants or subsidies while studying at London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins.

Often working in construction to finance his dream of turning great fashion designs into reality, he graduated with a  BA in Womenswear back in 2014.

Olivia Singer of the UK version of leading fashion magazine, British Vogue is quoted saying ‘One of Richards most remarkable talents is his ability to translate inspiration found in his hometown of Wexford, Ireland.

He supports fashion sustainability

“He translates them into elegantly-constructed garments that are simultaneously sculptural and easy to wear.”

Malone is a huge advocate of sustainable fashion. He sources material that are used in his collections from the Himalayas.

He works with a community of women artisans in Tamil Nadu, Southern India, who hand-weave the fabrics and dye them naturally.

Richard is against fashion clothing that is produced on mass scales in the fashion industry.

Richard showcased his first official collection at London Fashion Week in 2016. Malone previewed his new and exciting AW19 collection at London Fashion week earlier this year.

A regular at London Fashion Week

This included his love of colour, texture and directional shapes. The use of Burgundy, cobalt blue and tangerine are all colours that are evident in his own wardrobe. These were expressed in his fresh combinations of creative designs.

Richard was a proponent supporter during the Repeal the 8th campaign. He was keen to push for equality for both sexes.

He penned letters to various media outlets about his strong views from a male perspective. While these mainly fell on deaf ears, British Vogue eventually published the letter.

Fans of Richard can keep up to date on his news by following him on Instagram. You can browse pieces from his collection at Brown Thomas, Dublin.

Great fashion designs from a designer who has a true understanding  for women’s fashion designs.


Richard Malone Irish fashion designer

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