Tips to choosing the right blouse for you

Tips to choosing the right blouse for you

Tips to choosing the right blouse for you. Whether you decide to wear jeans, trousers or a skirt, you want to make sure your blouse looks good.

In a world where we seemed to be judged by the clothes we wear, picking the right blouse that fits your look and style is important.

Choosing the right blouse, will help you look your best. Whether it is for work or meeting your besties for social occasions, the blouse that looks and feels right instils confidence to your overall look.

With such a huge variety of blouses to choose from, it has become a real test to choose the best blouse for you. If you know and understand what is your best look then it makes it easier to choose.

We have put together some simple tips to help you find and choose that perfect blouse to suit your look.


Tips to choosing the right blouse for you

Check your body type

Most importantly when purchasing a blouse you must consider your body type and shape. When shopping, try and focus on the cut of the blouse as well as the neckline.

If you are a gal with wide hips and narrow shoulders, choose a blouse that is fitted at the waist. You can exploit that great blouse by including puffs in its design.

It’s good to try the chiffon look as well. Try the blouse on and look at yourself in the mirror. Make sure it hangs well to your body line and that it also feels comfortable.

Size is important

You have to get this right. This is the main factor that will determine if the blouse fits you or not. Although clothes are all marked with size codes, each manufacturer sizes slight vary in size.

That’s why it’s always important to try before buy. As a rule of thumb, never buy a blouse that is too small or too big for you.

The right fit is everything and should never be left to chance. Choosing the wrong fit will only leads to tears later. An uncomfortable blouse is not good as you will not wear it.

Get the colour right

When choosing you blouse, colour is going to play a major role in achieving your great look. Key points to remember are

  • Always consider your complexion. If your skin is dark, opt for lighter shades or pastel colours. This will help enhance your complexion that will make your look whiter.
  • If you have fair skin, choose a blouse in darker shades. Warm colours like reds are good for winter months.
Select a blouse based on occasion

With blouses now available in various styles, colours and designs, it’s now time to decide is its usage. Some blouses are designed for daytime smart casual wear.

This can include wearing to the office or out and about. Others which are more formal can be worn for occasional wear like a christening or confirmation.

Bear this in mind when choosing your blouse. Look to see how many wears you can get out of it. Consider various occasions you can get to wear it. Smart shoppers are good shoppers. Research before you buy will help you when looking for the right blouse.

Tips to choosing the right blouse for you

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