How to choose the perfect fitting boot

How to choose the perfect fitting boot

How to choose the perfect fitting boot. Autumn is truly upon us now. It is now time we all start thinking about our choice of footwear for the winter months.

Lots of women will be thinking of pulling out those boots from the closet for the months ahead. Some of you will be thinking of getting new boots.

The burden of fitting your foot perfectly in a pair of new boots can sometimes be challenging. You need them to feel comfortable and protect your tootsies from the elements.

We have put together some practical tips to help you get the right boot for your foot.

Make sure your toenails are clipped

This is important as you want to make sure your normal foot size is correct. You don’t want a protruding toenail interfering with the finished of your boot. You need the boot to fit correctly around the toe area.

Take your socks with you

If you prefer to add comfort to your foot by wearing a sock while wearing boots, make sure to bring a sock with you. Wear this when trying on your boot. This is important as an ill-fitting boot can disrupt comfort to your feet.

This also applies if you use other in-shoe foot supports like innersoles.

Don’t assume you know your foot size

Always ask the store assistant to measure the size of your foot. It’s quite common for your size to change over time. This could be caused due to loss of weight or other contributing factors that adjust the size of your foot. Better to be safe than sorry.

Get both feet measured

The size of each of your feet are not necessarily the same size. One could be bigger than the other. Make sure to get exact measurements. This will help you get the size boot that fits your foot correctly.

Don’t over-look the width of your foot

The length of your foot is one thing and is pretty standard. Make sure to get the width of your foot checked as well. It will help you choose the design of the boot that suits your feet.

Always take advice from experts

The in-store assistants are trained to measure your feet. Always be willing to listen to any advice they offer you. It’s their job to ensure you get the right boot for your foot. They don’t have any vested interest in what boot you choose,

Always take on board their advice. They have lots of knowledge and experience in fitting footwear.

Why not take your old boots with you

Why not bring along your old boots with you when getting fitted for new ones. It may help the shoe assistant choose the style boot that is best for your foot.

How to choose the perfect fitting boot

Be aware of different brand sizes

Lots of footwear brands and their models fit differently to others, even if labelled the same size. Always try your boot on to make sure it fits your foot perfectly.

Try on different pairs

You are in store so you might as well make the most of your journey. Don’t be scared to try on several different styles and models. The store assistant is there to assist you the customer. Never leave the store with a pair of boots that you don’t like. You will end up returning them.

The Tippy-toes test

This is another important step to remember. When you have the boot on your foot, stand on your tip-toes in boots. This ensures your toes can splay and are not touching the front or top of the boot. Lightly kick a hard surface.

This will ensure your toes will have enough room to move when walking.

Check your heel fit

Always check for heel lift by moving your foot at different angles. This will determine if this boot is comfortable when walking upstairs or across uneven surfaces.

Check on-line reviews

In the age of the internet it’s always good to see what other people think of the boot you are thinking of buying. Remember that footwear is based on each individuals size foot. Don’t buy a boot that doesn’t fit right just because it has received positive reviews online.

Tried and tested (the old reliable)

If you are preparing to purchase boots on-line, look at boot brands you have bought from before. Footwear brands do switch up their styles but their fits usually remain the same.

Check conversion charts

Going back to on-line shopping. Make sure you know your foot size and shape of your feet. Once you are sure about this then check this against the retailers conversion chart. This is important. You don’t want to order a pair of boots that are the wrong size. They will only be left of the burden of returning them.

Check return polices

This is another important factor to consider when buying footwear. You will find that most retailers have a return policy. It’s important to know the terms and conditions for returns.

If you are wearing your boots at home to test them out, do this on a carpet. It helps keep the boots scuff-free and clean. If the shoe looks worn in anyway, retailers will not accept them as part of their return policy.

Take a chance

Today there are so many different styles and shapes of boots to choose from. If you were to try on every single pair available you will never get chance to wear them. Pick out a few styles you like.

Try them on and make sure they fit your foot size. Imagine yourself wearing them. If they feel comfortable then choose the pair you really like, then buy them.


How to choose the perfect fitting boot

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