Ways to style your shift dress

Ways to style your shift dress

Ways to style your shift dress. When it comes to choosing a dress, the shift dress is a cutie. It’s a dress that provides a little more breathing room than others.

The shift dress is very similar to the sheath dress but there is a difference. The shift dress hangs more loosely from the shoulder. It also falls straight down and doesn’t pinch into the waistline like the sheath does.

Another good reason for the shift dress is that it offers more freedom to the hip area. This makes it a more comfortable dress to wear.

Shift dresses were a big hit back in the 1960’s and worn by all the celebrities of the day. One downside to the shift dress is its lack of waist and hip definition which can make your overall finish look excessive.

That aside, it’s still a fab looking dress if styled properly. We have put together some tips to help you look great in the shift dress.

Choose a shift dress with a tailored look

As you know, some shift dress designs are looser than others. It’s important to find one that is slightly tailored that recedes at the waist. Make sure it skims your curves for that sophisticated finish.

Choose colour over print

The shift dress by design have little or no shape. Bring your dress to life by choosing nice colours. Go for that dress with bright colours or beautiful bold patterns.

Avoid a really short finish

Most shift dresses have a tendency to be short. This is not a good look for those of you ladies with large thighs. Choose a design that compliments this area by covering up with a few inches of extra material. You will be glad you did.

Pay attention to the neckline

One other way to enhance your shift dress look is choose one with an alluring neckline. Choose ones that include lace-up necklines or off the shoulder necklines. There are so many choices if you look properly.

Other styles that look great are draped or keyhole necklines. A cold shoulder neckline looks great as well.

Get you footwear right

Young ladies have a tendency to pair their shift dress with heels. The problem with this is that it makes the dress looks even shorter than it is. For the perfect summer look, choose low to medium range shoes or even flat sandal.

When winter strikes the shift dress looks great paired with a flat boot with opaque tights. This provides a stunning finish to your overall look.

Be adventurous and add leggings

One way around the short length problem of the dress is to add leggings. This transforms your overall that gives off that long tunic finish. Sure everyone knows how good tunics and leggings match. Try and source a dark coloured shift dress to wear with black leggings.

Make sure to accessorise correctly

The shift dress design is bold in shape. Make sure not to choose slender or thin jewellery to pair with your dress. It doesn’t work. Ensure to keep your jewellery look to the minimum. Ideas like pendant necklace are a great match.


Ways to style your shift dress

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