How to look good wearing a polo shirt

How to look good wearing a polo shirt

How to look good wearing a polo shirt. Generally speaking the polo shirt is a wardrobe staple that is enjoyed by males of all ages.

It’s a safe and reliable piece of men’s fashion that does exactly what it is supposed to do. Since its introduction back in the 19th century, it is today a modern piece of apparel that continues to stand the test of time.

It has evolved to become a “go to” fashion garment for fellas for both casual and smart casual occasions.

The polo shirt comes in so many colours and designs today. Getting the style that suits you is important, We have put together some tips to help you choose the right polo shirt for you.

Understand the different types of Polo Shirt Styles

The polo shirt is a classic. It’s a versatile fashion piece that can be used for various occasions. Whether you are having a dress up of down day, you want the one that is right for you. First you need to understand the types of polo shirts.

The classic cotton polo shirt. This is made using natural fibres. It’s a great choice for summery day or night fashion. Its light breathable material will ensure it stays crease free. It is available in lots of bland and exciting colours which depends on your own individual taste.

The knitted polo shirt. Made famous by male movie stars of the 60’s, the knitted polo has that retro look about it. It’s jacquard weave design provides this shirt with a little extra depth.

It has that bit more flexibility about it and is slightly roomier. Its consolidated shape of ribbed sleeves and hem provides for a nice fit.

The linen polo shirts. If cotton is not for you then check out the more relaxed look of the linen polo shirt. More and more fashion labels seem to be up to speed in producing linen polo shirts. These are great when paired linen trousers or chinos.

Long Sleeve Polo Shirts. We are not a fan of the long sleeve polo shirt at all. It looks more like a rugby top. While they look good on women, If at all possible, give this one a wide birth.

The polo shirt and jeans look

This is a fashion favourite combo with most men. It’s a real daytime pleaser that says “casual” all over its look. A nice plain polo shirt paired with blue jeans is a classic look. Add sneakers and you have that great look that can take you from day to night time fashion with ease.

The polo shirt and sweatpants look

More common nowadays, this Sports-luxe is evident in the modern-day relaxed look for men. Perfecto for that great lounge look, pair your polo with jogging pants (avoid stripped trackie bottoms)

The polo shirt and shorts look

When the sun is shining, the shorts come out. This pure cotton pique jersey goes well matched with your favourite shorts.

Choose plain bright colour polos to reflect the light from sun. It’s cotton material will allow your skin to breathe and will help avoid unwanted odours. Striped polos also look great when paired with navy or beige tailored shorts

The polo shirt and jacket look

Because the polo shirt is so versatile, it goes well for semi-formal occasions to. Whether worn with a jacket or blazer, it offers that great smart casual look.

Choose a plain and breathable knitted polo to wear under your jacket. This will help avoid sweat to the body. Pair with a plain pair of trousers or jeans (depending on the occasion) and you are good to go.

Other tips to consider
  • Always choose a fitted polo shirt. They sit well on the body without showing off your arms like a poser.
  • Never tuck your polo shirt into shorts. Choose the half tuck if you feel more comfortable tucking.
  • Try and avoid big bold logos designer names on the shirt. Seriously it looks tacky
  • Steer clear of pairing your polo with baggy trousers or oversized jeans. That’s unless you want to look like one of the Backstreet Boys.
  • Always keep patterns and colour blocking for your day time dress only. Choose neutrals and knitted polos for that great night time look.
  • If you choose white trainers to pair with your polo shirt and jeans, make sure they are clean. You don’t want to spoil your overall finish with dirty shoes.
  • Never be tempted to pop your collar. It looks tacky

How to look good wearing a polo shirt

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