Tips to wearing tights properly

Tips to wearing tights properly

Tips to wearing tights properly. Today, tights come in all wonderful shades, types and material. Getting the right pair for your look is important.

Known as tights or in the America as pantyhose, most forms cover the waist to the tips of your toes, hence their name tights.

Whether worn for work to great nights out, tights offer a great combination of keeping your legs warm while giving them a great look finish. Getting the right tight look for your social occasion can sometime cause a conundrum.

We have put together some tips to help you choose the tights that suit you. We also look at ways you can maintain their look for future wear.

Tips to wearing tights properly

Experiment with different colours

Tights that are brightly coloured can really enhance the finish to any outfit. If you decide on tights that are not black, always make sure the rest of your look is neutral.

Match your outfit with the same colour as your tights for a head-to-toe monochromatic look. Bear in mind that if you go bold with your tights colour, attention will be drawn to your legs.

Know when to wear opaque

Remember, the shorter your hemline, the more opaque your tights need to be. By choosing to wear thicker tights, you’ll not only visually elongate your tights but also minimise the risk of showing an inevitable run.

The fashion term for the opaqueness of tights is known as a “denier” number. The greater the number, the more opaque the tights are.

In general, opaque tights have a denier of 40 or more. A denier of less than 30 is going to be sheer. Sheer tights are ok when pairing with knee-high boots that show a sliver of leg


Always check for damages

You can’t afford any embarrassing moments. You want your chosen outfit to look sophisticated at all times. It’s always important to do a quick minute once over check on your tights before wear.

You need to know they are in good shape.Before wearing, scan them closely for any unsightly runs or holes. If you see even the smallest snag or rip then ditch them for a new pair. A damaged pair of tights can lead to unwanted attention. Play it safe.

Pair them well

Here’s a good rule of thumb to remember. Always match your tights to the colour of your shoes, or to the dominant colour of the outfit you’re wearing. This will ensure that you that great put-together look.

How to stop that dreaded run

The next time you get a run or hole in your tights, simply spray it with hairspray. This harden the edges and prevent it from widening. You can also coat the edges with clear nail polish, which will have the same effect.

Wash them wisely

Most of you know that the best way to clean your tights is by hand. Remember, the more wear and tear you put on the fibres, the more likely they are to run.

However, if time is against you, sling your tights in a mesh laundry bag and wash them on a delicate cycle. This will help stop snagging in the washing machine.

Never put them in the dryer

This is a big no no. A hot dryers will damage the elasticity of your tights. This weakens the fibres that prevent runs. Always make sure to air-dry your tights. This will keep them in perfect shape and give them great longevity.

Buy a size up

This is important to remember. The smaller your tights, the more pressure you put on the fibres. This will increase the chances of them snagging or ripping. Why not instead choose a size up from the size you normally wear.

If it makes sense for your body type, consider control-top tights, like Spanx. These can also act as a body shaper and hide VPL (visible panty lines)

Freezing your tights for longevity

Some experts say that freezing your tights before wearing them for the first time may extend the lifespan of your tights.

When you buy a new pair of tights, run them under water for a few seconds. Then rinse out the excess water and freeze them overnight in a plastic bag. Let them gradually defrost before wearing them.


Tips to wearing tights properly

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