Men’s socks size guide to ensure comfort

Men’s socks size guide to ensure comfort

Men’s socks size guide to ensure comfort. It’s an important part of our everyday fashion wear that we all depend upon.

In ancient times, the sock was traditionally made fusing leather or matted animal hair together.

In the late fifteen hundreds the first machine-knit socks were produced. Things stayed that way until the eighteen hundreds when hand and machine knitted socks were introduced.

Today, they are a regular fashion staple for all men. Whether worn with shoes, boots or trainer, they supply comfort to the foot.

The big question we all have to ask ourselves is, are we wearing the right sock for our own foot?

Unfortunately, lots of guys aren’t. We we have put a guide together to help you get that sock that suits your own foot size. Looking good and feeling comfortable are important to all men. Let’s start with your feet.

Men’s socks size guide to ensure comfort

Do you think you are wearing the right sock size?

Sock Heel at Your Heel. The perfect fit for your sock should see it sitting on your heel and not under it or above it.

Flat Toe Seam: Your toe seam should lie flat along the top of your toes and not above or below it.

It must be taut across your foot. Your socks must be taut across your foot, not sagging.

Signals that you may not be wearing the right sock size

Look for bunching. Your sock may be too big for your foot if the elastic has given out. Avoid wearing tube socks.

The toe seam must not be flat. If your toe seam wrinkles at your toes then it is too big.

If your socks can fall down. This means they are too small and you need a bigger size.

The sock heel is too high. This means your sock could be too big for your foot if it is pulling too much.

Your sock heel is too low. Well simply your sock is too small for you.

Bandy around the ankle. If the sock band is around your ankle then this is a sign it’s too small.

Recommended sock size to shoe size

It’s vital when choosing your sock that you get the right size for your shoe. Here are the recommended size guide for men’s shoes.

  • Shoes size 7-11 then you need a standard sock
  • Shoe sizes 12-15 then you need a XL size sock
Different styles of socks to consider

Socks vary in height based on their type and needs. The usual sock sizes are as follows

  • High crew sock is 15 inches high
  • Crew sock is 11 inches high
  • Quarter sock is 5 inches high
  • Sports tab sock is 4 inches high
  • Low cut roll top sock is 3 inches high
The importance of a good sports sock

For all you sports men out there who work out or enjoy field games, the right sock is important. It’s not as simple as donning a sock that looks good. Your feet act different when playing sports activities. This is why you need to get the right sock that

  • Controls the moisture in your foot to keep it comfortable.
  • The sock must be a perfect fit to avoid unwanted movement
  • It must be super stretchy and recover after movement to the foot.
  • It must supply maximum cushioning to absorb shock that keep you comfortable

Never under-estimate the importance of wearing a comfortable sock. Whether it’s with your favourite shoe, boot or trainer, it must feel right.

Men’s socks size guide to ensure comfort

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