Tips on choosing jeans for petite women

Tips on choosing jeans for petite women

Tips on choosing jeans for petite women. Shorter women face some challenges when choosing jeans that fit and flatter.

If you’re a petite woman, you’ve probably been on the hunt for the perfect jeans to elongate your legs, streamline your figure and make you look well proportioned.

But because not all petite women are made the same, neither are the jeans made for them.

Whether you’re a petite woman who is curvy, slender or someone in between, here are some things to look out for when buying jeans.


Try to select jeans by your hip size, not your waist size. The waist will need to be altered in some cases. It’s relatively easy to take in the waist, but it’s difficult to let out side seams on jeans. This is because seam allowance is scant.

It’s important to choose jeans that fit well than try to fit into a smaller size. Because size and cuts of jeans can vary depending on manufacturer, try on jeans in both petite and regular to find which brands work for you.

Just because you fit in one brand, doesn’t mean you’ll fit in another.


No wonder it’s hard for petite women to buy jeans. Because there’s no standard for inseam length in petite jeans, there’s a lot of variation. This goes all the way from 25” in some extra-short styles to 32” in some other petite styles.

To find the perfect inseam length, measure the inseam on jeans that you own that are the right length.

If you find a style that fits and suits you, but it’s too long, try hemming your jeans.


With many different styles out there on the market, it’s easier to find one that works for you. For most short women, jeans with straight legs work best, but there are other styles that work too, depending on your shape.

Bootcut jeans can work well with petite, curvy women. Avoid wider leg or super flared jeans. This can detract from the long and lean effect you want to create. Make sure the hems hover above the floor.

For short, slender body types, skinny jeans are your fashion ally. They give great height, especially in a dark wash.


Blue denim is what most people think of when they think of jeans. For shorter women, dark blue denim will help you to look taller and slimmer.

Darker colors will help you to look longer and leaner. So while jeans in brighter colours or pastels may be appealing, choosing a darker color, like black will make you look taller.

Styles to avoid (for every petite body shapes)

Whether you’re curvy and short, or a slender petite, or something in between, you’ll look best in jeans that elongate your legs as much as possible.

Steer clear of super cropped styles, which can visibly shorten the line of the legs.

Pay attention to jean stylings. Over-sized pockets or buttons can overwhelm your style.

The only exception is distressed jeans. These can look modern and stylish on petites, without taking away from your height.

Tips on choosing jeans for petite women


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