How to use and apply concealer the right way

How to use and apply concealer the right way

How to use and apply concealer the right way. You can have the best concealer in the world, but if you apply it incorrectly, it can do more harm than good.

Think flaky patches, exaggerated fine lines, and big red pimples that show up an hour after you spend ages trying to cover them up.

Here are the best tips for ensure you never suffer a concealer meltdown again.

Cover up dark circles

Order is everything when it comes to covering those dark circles. Use a liquid foundation first before applying an undereye concealer. This provides a base to blend with your concealer for the perfect amount of coverage.

Apply your concealer in a patting motion, then press it in with a concealer brush or sponge. This will keep your concealer from creasing or smudging.

Sweep on a light layer of oil-absorbing powder to set your concealer in place so that it stays all day.

Hide breakouts

This is probably the most common cover-up, and often the hardest.

Put Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion on blemishes before applying concealer. The primer will smooth out any texture around the spot and give the concealer something to stick to.

Sanitise your blemish with a blue light or hand sanitiser before applying primer and follow with concealer and foundation.

It does seem like a lot of steps but it means your pimple won’t show up during a midday makeup meltdown.

Conceal redness around the nose

Makeup tends to come off your nose more quickly, so setting your concealer properly is key. Using a setting powder after applying concealer will ensure it stays in place and keep any redness hidden all day.

To keep and dry skin or flaking in check, always make sure you moisturise your skin beforehand.

Cover up scars

First thing’s first. Assess the type of scar you are covering up. Raised? Or flat? This will determine the formula you’ll be using. If your scar is raised, use a creamy, lightweight concealer. For flat scars, use a thicker, matte one.

Remember, for both, use a setting powder to keep your concealer in place.

How to use and apply concealer the right way

Concealer mistakes to avoid

Using the same product for dark circles and breakouts

Not all concealers are created equally. Under-eye concealers should be less dry and thick in texture and consistency compared to pimple concealer. Your under-eye skin is delicate and you don’t want your concealer settling into fine lines.

Not using the right colour to conceal your dark circles

Try combatting dark circles with a peach tone concealer. This will help to balance out the blue tones under your eyes. Once the peach is well blended, go in with foundation and then concealer to cover up the peach shade.

 Relying on your fingers alone

Using your fingers to apply concealer can work just fine. In fact, the warmth of your finger will help to warm makeup so it blends better into your skin. But to smooth every last crease and edge, you need some makeup tools as well. Using a damp makeup sponge under the eyes will pick up any excess concealer. This will help stop your concealer looking cakey.

Look your best 

For spots and blemishes, your fingers aren’t really the best option. You need something more targeted to avoid creating a halo of makeup around the area. A brush with a stipple pointed top will deposit a tiny amount of concealer in the centre of the blemish. Gently blend outwards until any redness is covered.

 Not using setting powder

Sometimes even the best concealer needs a crucial final step: powder. It’s the best way to ensure your concealer doesn’t move throughout the day.

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How to use and apply concealer the right way

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