How to hydrate chapped lips

How to hydrate chapped lips

How to hydrate chapped lips. We have all suffered from them at one time or another. Yes, it’s those dreaded chapped lips
After beautiful looking teeth, our lips are the next giver to a gorgeous smile.

We all want to be seen with plump and hydrated lips that help our boost our confidence.

The good news is that chapped lips can be fixed easily. It’s not expensive either. In no time at all you can have those perfect and naturally lips back.

Here is a simple hack you need to know to help hydrate your chapped lips. All without the use of toxic chemicals.

Organic ingredients are safe and a great way to treat your damaged lips. Plus it’s never an issue if you get any in your mouth.

Start with applying a lip mask

This is simple. Apply a layer of organic honey over your lips. Then let it soak into the lips for around 20 minutes. You can then remove using warm water.

This method helps draw moisture to your lips. It also helps soften any dead skin cells. This makes them lift easily.

Next step is to exfoliate with care
  • Clearing the honey from your lips
  • Now exfoliate your lips using a mixture of brown sugar and Coconut or Olive oil.
  • Mix up into a paste. Softly and gently start to rub the mixture using small circular motions to the lip area. This helps exfoliate the skin.
  • Continue until all sugar has dissolved. Rinse away using warm water.

Exfoliating is brilliant as well as safe. It removes the build-up of dead skin. It also helps even out your lip tone.

Now that the cleansing has been taken care of, on to the next step.

Remember, you must be gentle when exfoliating as you the skin on your lips is very tender and thin.

Here’s an added tip for you

If you have any leftover exfoliating mixture, why not apply it to your hands or elbows. These areas can always do with some extra exfoliation and TLC.

To nourish and protect

Now you have completed the two previous steps, it’s time to apply a protective, nourishing lip product. This is vital to help protect your lips throughout the day.

Everyone has their own idea of the best products to choose to suit there lips.We recommend Ogee’s Sculpted Lip Oil,

This helps deliver complete hydration to the lips. It also acts as a barrier to seal in the moisture.

It’s all about using natural products. Normal lip balm won’t do the trick because most of them contain toxic chemicals. It only provides an occlusive barrier without adding any hydration,

This can lead to the drying of your lips over a certain time which defeats the purpose.

Using Ogee’s Sculpted Lip Oil on a daily basis will help hydrate your lips for sure.

It’s ingredients include organic Coconut, Jojoba, Vitamin E and Sunflower oils. This helps to hydrates and moisturises those beautiful lips of yours.

It’s peppermint essential oil also gives it a minty and buttery tingle. This helps plump your lips.

Once the oils are absorbed in to your lips, you are then left with a light emollient layer of gorgeous organic Beeswax and Shea butter.

This act as a sealant that locks in all the goodness and helps protect against harmful free radicals.

Look after your lips

By following these 3 easy steps, twice daily for a period of 3-4 days, you will see a vast improvement in your lip look.

We also recommend you carry out this routine once a week thereafter.

This will help avoid chapped lips in the future while. Love and look after your lips. Always make sure they are kissable.


How to hydrate chapped lips

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