The Tie look that will work for you

The Tie look that will work for you

The Tie look that will work for you. At one time or another, all men have worn at least one tie in their lives. Whether it’s for that special family occasion, to wearing it around the office, the tie is an important fashion accessory for those guys who want to make an important fashionable impression.

However, there are certain ties to suit different occasions and if worn wrong can be very bad for your overall look.

Ties are always a point of focus, so they’re immediately noticeable. People often judge your character by the type and colour of tie you wear. It’s important to make first impressions count.

For example, did you know that a men’s body type actually dictates the ideal width of his neckwear? Even a wrong pattern on a guy’s neck piece can make him look like a clown from the circus.

For those of you fellas who appreciate how a tie can help you fit in and look great for your chosen occasion, here are some simple tips to remember. This will guide you through exactly how you should be wearing your tie.

The Tie look that will work for you

Get the width and length right

Most well-dressed people will tell you that one of the secrets of a good outfit is all down to proportion. OK, with clever and experienced tailoring you can get the perfect fitting suit. However, getting the right tie is a rule that’s often forgotten.

Different tie widths suit different body shapes. The correct tie should complement your suit and keep your outfit in proportion.

You can achieve this by matching the width of your tie by extension of your choice of tie knot to the width of your suit lapels.

The broader man should consider a slightly wider tie that matches his larger shoulders.

Slim ties are only good for guys of a skinnier build because it complements their slender body type. It’s also important to make sure that their shirt collar is smaller and in proportion, too.

Get the length right

Getting the length right is equally important. You don’t want a huge hangover or something short to make you look like a member of the Laurel and Hardy duo.

Let your trousers be the guide. A good tie should always hit the waistband of a trouser. Any lower than this and it will end up sitting on your lap and get in the way. It also looks cheap too!

Colour is key

Colour plays a major factor when deciding on a tie to wear. It’s important to identify which tie is compatible with your shirt colour, suit and skin tone.

Choose a tie that is one shade darker than the shirt you are pairing it. It also helps to have a few on hand to choose from.

Some fashion experts recommend deeper shades of ties such as a blues or burgundy as they are neutrals colours that match most shirts and suits.

Pair this with a plain whites, blues or pink shirts and you are putting your tie against a great blank canvass to show off the true style of your tie.

If you’re looking to start establish a solid tie rotation, start with staple colours like navy and grey. These can be easily dressed up or down by your choice of shirt. Then venture beyond the norm by incorporating more saturated hues like green, yellow and red.

Know the occasion

Knowing the occasion you are dressing for is very important as different ties suit different occasions. As a rule of thumb, block coloured ties in a silky material are the most used for formal occasions. They can usually be spotted in boardrooms worn by Directors or CEO’s.

Seen more common in recent years are the knitted ties. Due to their more narrow design and squared-off end, these are seen as a less formal and versatile fashion accessory that can be worn casually under a cardigan or jacket.

Are patterns and prints your thing?

Due to the introduction of men fusing their suit look with their favourite sneakers for a more relaxed fashion look, It gives more fellas the opportunity to experiment with their ties.

When it comes to the ties of today, guys have so many patterns, prints and textures to consider with some combinations being easier than others.

To achieve that great tie look, simply stick to simple two-tone patterns that are polka dots or stripes.

These designs are much more muted which makes it easier to match with your shirt and suit. You can also lessen the statement further by opting for a tonal look.

For example, a navy suit, worn with a light blue shirt and a dark blue polka dot knitted tie is fab.

For the more progressive dresser, striped ties can be a great way of introducing colour as there are always at least two shades to work with.

Choose a muted base with a contrasting stripe to pop against classic tailoring. If you choice is a navy two-piece suit, try a blue and yellow club tie.

The Tie look that will work for you

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