Petria Lenehan Irish fashion designer

Petria Lenehan Irish fashion designer

Petria Lenehan Irish fashion designer. Award-winning Irish fashion designer now living in America, Petria Lenehan takes her inspiration from nature and Ireland’s beautiful landscape.

Today, Petria creates designs that reflect her own personal style and love of nature.

Rolling with tradition 

The Dublin born designer now resides in New York with her family. She is one of Irelands most naturally talented designs who creates her own garments using fabrics that include Donegal tweed, Irish linen, Scottish cashmere and English ventile.

Each one of her piece are steeped in tradition which are created with longevity in mind.

Her hand produced collections are produced in both New York and in Ireland.

With sustainability playing a key role in her approach to her creations, Petria’s garments characterise the wise worlds of leading UK designer Dame Vivienne Westwood’s astute words of “Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.”


Years of design experience

Lenehan advanced her experience in fashion design by working in Italy and then the UK before returning to Ireland.

In 2005 she opened her own fashion boutique called Dolls, on Clarendon street.

This is where she sold pieces from her own collections alongside other international designer labels.

In 2015, Petria moved to New York with her family where she now commits all her time and effort in producing elegant and ethically fashion pieces for her now collection.

These include dresses, coats, leisurewear and shirts, each having an Irish identity theme of their own.

Sustainability at heart

She is one of many Irish fashion designers who are striving towards sustainability as an inclusive part of their designs,

Petria’s clientele include women of all ages who appreciate the importance of fashion sustainability.

Her ethos is to provide quality garments to the independent women of the world who are not led by fashion trends of the day.

Keep up to date on Petria’s news

Fans of Petria Lenehan can browse and buy pieces from her current collection from her website.

You can also stay up to date on Petria’s work by following her at the social media links below.

Great fashion designs with a true sense of Irish inspiration. Petria Lenehan’s work is there to admired and deeply appreciated.


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