How to wear a Bodycon dress properly

How to wear a Bodycon dress properly

How to wear a Bodycon dress properly It’s great seeing our favourite celebrities parading around their favourite Bodycon dress.

From Cardi B to the Kardashian sisters, the Bodycon dress is firm fashion stable of the young ladies of today.

Because they are a figure-hugging piece of apparel, we know they are not for everyone.

Whether you’re that gal with too much or too little curves to the body, the cut of the dress must be perfect with its silhouette portraying a slim finish.

We have picked out some tips that we hope will help all of you girls to achieve that great Bodycon dress finish.

Most girls have the ability to carry off that great Bodycon look but you need to be confident about your body, not conscious of it.

Bodycon outfits are a convenient and great-looking addition to your fashion line-up. By following the advice below will help you look and feel great while in your favourite Bodycon dress.

Invest in the right shape-wear

This is an important rule to remember. By spending time searching for good quality shape wear, it will hold in any extra flab and shape up your waist and bust.

Whether you have a slender frame or not, it’s always a good idea to wear some type of shape-wear underwear under your bodycon dress.

The right shape-wear will help iron out the entire look, so you don’t have to keep worrying about bra impressions or those dreaded VPL (visible panty lines) showing.

When you solve the problem of your undies making an unwanted appearance you will be able to enjoy the dress. This helps you be more confident.

Don’t reveal too much skin

When wearing your favourite Bodycon dress you don’t won’t want it to be too revealing. Try and opt for that dress cut that keeps the eyes on the dress first. You want your overall look to be classy so avoid anything that reveals too much skin.

This will ensure your overall look will be sophisticated and not trashy.

Try the illusion affect

For those of you gals who feel your hips are that bit heavy, why not do what some celebrities with similar figures to yours do and opt for contrasting colours.

Include the use of mono black as part of the make up on the sides of your dress which makes your waist look smaller. The colour black acts as an outline for your figure while emphasising the curves and completing your look


Make sure the colour is right

If you are wearing a Bodycon dress for the first time you may want to choose a dark colour dress. Darker colours are more generally slimming. When you get more confidence then move on to brighter colours like pastels while following the same rules.

Glamorise not accessorise

Here’s an important tip, keep your accessories to a minimum. Let on-lookers keep the eye on the prize (you and your dress) Keep all accessories simple as bright and glary looks tacky.

Keep it Heel

Get out those favourite pair of heels to wear with your bodycon. Heels will give you an overall better posture and will also make your back look straighter. Make sure they are safe and comfortable so that you overall finished look can be enjoyed.


How to wear a Bodycon dress properly

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