Nordstrom launch new sustainable style

Nordstrom launch new sustainable style

Nordstrom launch new sustainable style. American fashion retailer, Nordstrom launch “Sustainable Style,”

This is a new category to their on-line shopping experience.

Therefor, this promotes fashion pieces that are created with sustainably in mind.

Their fashion items come from sourced materials that are manufactured in factories which meet with environmental standards.

Nordstrom’s Sustainable Style follows their earlier announcement of them signing onto the G7 Fashion Pact.

The importance of sustainability 
  • Nordstrom operates 379 stores across 40 states in America today.
  • Their “sustainable style” section lists over 2,000 sustainable fashion items from over 90 brands.
  • They already operate a successful worldwide shopping on-line service.
  • Nordstrom ship to most counties across the world.


The key points that Nordstrom are eager to point out are
Well sourced sustainable items
  • The fabrics used in the manufacturing of clothing are crafted with care.
  • Items are made with at least 50% sustainably sourced materials.
  • This includes the likes of organic cotton, recycled polyester and materials with certifications like Bluesign.
  • They are Fair Trade Certified.
Responsible manufactured process
  • All products are sourced from factories with good working practices that protect their employees.
  • This offers empowerment programs to their workers that ensures fairer wages.
  • They ensure the chemicals and resources used are managed correctly
They gives back
  • Nordstrom emphasise the importance of choosing sustainable fashion.
  • They point out out the benefits of buying from their sustainable ranges.
  • A portion of the proceeds from sales benefits people and animals.
  • Nordstrom was founded back in 1901 by Swedish American John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin.

This new move by Nordstrom shows their commitment to promoting sustainable fashion.

For some of the best names in Ladies and Men’s fashion Nordstrom, check out there website here.

A choice of beautiful styling for all the family to enjoy

Nordstrom launch new sustainable style

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