Helen McAlinden Irish fashion designer

Helen McAlinden Irish fashion designer

Helen McAlinden Irish fashion designer. More fashion designers are now taking on the responsibility to include ethical practice and sustainability as part of their designs and production.

There is one fashion designer who for some time now is continuing this practice as part of her mantra in fashion clothing design and production.

Sophisticated designs 

Belfast Irish fashion designer, Helen McAlinden is one of Ireland’s most recognised fashion designers.

Helen is committed and dedicated to fusing sophisticated fashion with sustainability.

She provides wardrobe solutions for the contemporary woman catering for day/evening to occasional wear.

As one of Irelands best known designers. Helen has gathered vital experience in the world of fashion while working in America and the UK.

Promoting sustainability 

Her HMcA clothing collection is a fashion choice of customers who define their attitude towards clothing and production by attitude not age.

This allows for fashionistas to buy well and buy less which is a good start to becoming fashion sustainable.

Helen’s fashion items are produced in factories across Europe who work on the basis of ethical and best practice.

Her designs are carefully considered to harmonise contemporary style.

The results are refined silhouettes that evolve from season to season. All are made with a particular focus on fine fabrics.

Classic collections 

Helen has a fashion boutique at 20 South William Street in Dublin.

Fans and clients of this award-winning Irish fashion designer can purchase her last designs on-line.

Her portfolio includes beautiful dresses, tops, coats to chic stunning occasional wear.

Stay in touch

You can stay up to date with Helen’s story by following her on the social media links below or visiting her website here.

Helen’s ready to wear fashion collections provide wardrobe solutions for the contemporary woman.

Her designs connects fashion with a love for the planet.


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Helen McAlinden Irish fashion designer

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