Why the bucket hat is the ultimate accessory

Why the bucket hat is the ultimate accessory

Why the bucket hat is the ultimate accessory. The 90s revival is still going strong. From Charlotte in Sex and the City to L.L. Cool J to Britney Spears, nearly everyone had a bucket hat by the end of the 90s.

Originally designed for fishermen at the turn of the 20th century, the bucket hat is mostly associated with the era when Oasis was at the top of the charts and mobile phones were just starting to catch on.

But afte the turn of the millennium, this fashion accessory was mostly worn by children and not fashion icons.

Over the past few years, however, we’ve seen the evolution of bucket hats from an ironic comeback trend to bona fide fashion hat of choice.

Why the bucket hat is the ultimate accessory

Getting the approval from all aspects of fashion culture, bucket hats were seen all over fashion week.

Even luxury brands such as Gucci, Ganni and Prada released multiple versions of the style, with many high-street stores following suit.

If the idea of wearing a bucket hat makes you recoil in horror, perhaps it’s time to think again. Keep scrolling for some inspiration on how to wear this ultimate fashion accessory.

Play with Proportions

A bucket hat is a great way to play around with proportions. You can wear yours with a boxy coat and straight-leg jeans for a quick and easy outfit that feels slightly unexpected.

To add a little extra height to the look, pair with some heeled boots. For some extra polish, finish the outfit off with a structured bag.

Mix your Prints

It’s so easy to forget how much difference prints can make to your outfit. Grab a bucket hat in a fun pattern to add some personality to your clothes.

For a wild outfit idea, consider wearing a zig-zag hat with a cow-print jacket. It sounds a tad crazy but it’s perfect if you want to make some bold fashion choices.

Street-Approved Style

If you tend to wear wardrobe staples such as a trench coat and blue jeans, adding a bucket hat will give your look a street-approved update.

Switch it up

An accessory like the bucket hat can instantly transform your look. If you’re tired of wearing a printed dress and boots, why not complete the outfit with a striped bucket hat.

If you want to step away from your beanies and trapper hats, swap in a bucket hat.

Fans of the double denim look can add a little contrast with a bucket hat.

All White

All white outfits are the quickest and easiest way to look chic during the summer. Cap off your look with a white bucket hat.

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Always check out how and where your clothes, beauty products and accessories are made before purchase to ensure they are not only ethically produced but environmentally friendly. We can all play our part and make the difference to working towards a better and cleaner fashion environment here in Ireland.

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