Why you should love matching sets

Why you should love matching sets

Why you should love matching sets. They couldn’t be any easier to style and will make you look instantly put together without much effort.

Yes, I’m talking about matching sets or co-ords. or whatever you want to call them. The ‘matching set’ look is both immediately stylish and comically easy, which is how you should live your life.

You instantly look put together with the confidence that this look works. But they can be a little hard to pull off multiple times. And as separates, the pieces may not work with other items in your wardrobe.

There’s a fine line between lazy and chic when it comes to matching sets. So, if you’re not sure how exactly so style your outfit, here’s some of our top tips.

Why you should love matching sets

Trousers and Crop Top

Co-ords are no longer just miniskirts and matching tops. Take some inspiration from fashion bloggers on Instagram, pair a crop top with some matching trousers.

A co-ord that looks like a dress

Who doesn’t love a matching set that looks like a dress? You can try pairing a black bandeau top with a matching pair of shorts. Not only will the color go with every skin tone, the top and shorts can be worn separately with other items in your wardrobe.

A wedding-appropriate maxi skirt and crop top

Co-ords don’t have to be reserve for the beach or festival. You can elevate the matching set outfit for a wedding you may have coming up. A floral maxi skirt and matching crop top is the perfect look for any upcoming nuptials.

Knitwear times two

Knitted co-ords are becoming a huge trend. They give a unique twist on the traditional matching set look and are a great option to wear during the autumn as well as summer.

Duster coat and trousers

One of the coolest ways to wear a co-ord is to a pair a duster coat with a matching pair of trousers.

Five more minutes

Lazy girls can yawn for joy as it’s acceptable to wear pyjamas as clothing. Is a set of silky printed clothes ok to wear to brunch? You bet. Why not try wearing a navy co-ord with a floral print. The colour makes it easy to accessorise. While white trainers are always a good option to pair with pyjama co-ords, dress it up with a pair of studded platform sandals. Pair with some silver earrings and you have got yourself a very fancy outfit.

Bohemian dreams

Floral matching sets are the ultimate bohemian dream. You can just picture yourself frolicking in a field full of flowers wearing a maxi skirt and top with a printed design. The best way to balance out a feminine look is with chunky, studded shoes. You can wear blue ones to ground this matching set out with a little edginess.

Here at Fashion.ie we always promote fashion sustainability. Where possible, please exchange your clothing with others to increase their longevity which ensures they do not go towards landfill which is bad for the environment.

Always check out how and where your clothes, beauty products and accessories are made before purchase to ensure they are not only ethically produced but environmentally friendly. We can all play our part and make the difference to working towards a better and cleaner fashion environment here in Ireland.

Why you should love matching sets

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