Recycled Karma Brands launch The Green Label

Recycled Karma Brands launch The Green Label

Recycled Karma Brands launch The Green Label

Recycled Karma Brands launch The Green Label. The Los Angeles based premium clothing fashion company, Recycled Karma Brands have launched The Green Label, a sustainable and eco-friendly fashion collection.

Giving plastic a second life, The Green Label collection reduces the carbon footprint with each purchase. Each shirt produced reuses the fibers of five single use plastic bottles

The sustainability extends to every aspect of the production and packaging of the line from the garment, to printing, to the hangtag and even a biodegradable poly bag. As mentioned before, each shirt is made from recycled water bottles and post-industrial cotton, all of which are sourced domestically.

Recycled Karma Brands launch The Green Label

Using recycled materials as opposed to virgin ones will minimise Recycled Karma’s water, fuel and electricity footprint. It will also eliminate thousands of pounds of new raw materials.

Each piece of the garment from The Green Label collection makes an impact to the environment. Even the poly bag is biodegradable using the Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic Additive.

About Recycled Karma

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Recycled Karma Brands is a privately held full service premium apparel company known for their vintage looks, quality garments, fashion designs and collections.

Here at we always promote fashion sustainability. Where possible, please exchange your clothing with others to increase their longevity which ensures they do not go towards landfill which is bad for the environment.

Always check out how and where your clothes, beauty products and accessories are made before purchase to ensure they are not only ethically produced but environmentally friendly. We can all play our part and make the difference to working towards a better and cleaner fashion environment here in Ireland.

Recycled Karma Brands launch The Green Label

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