How to master the double denim look

How to master the double denim look

How to master the double denim look. It is a question that continually divides opinion: Should you or should you not wear double denim?

The Canadian tuxedo became popular in the 80s with denim becoming a key staple in many people’s wardrobes.

The double denim phenomenon came to a head when pop super-couple Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake rocked the American Music Awards with matching denim ensembles. Justin even completed his look with a denim cowboy hat.

Thanks to the popularity of style bloggers and influencers, this trend has made a bit of a comeback.

Celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have even been seen rocking double denim in new and refreshing ways.

Tips on how to wear double denim

Wearing head to toe denim does take some practice and there are a few rules to follow. It’s easy to look outdated wearing denim on denim. Here are our go-to outfits and fashion rules for wearing double denim to create a modern, street style vibe.

Try a Slouchy Silhouette

For an easy and breezy look that screams modern style, try wearing slouchy denim separates together. Don’t be afraid of playing with different fits and fabrics and put together an outfit that feels like it suits your own personal style.

When in doubt, you can choose a lighter denim shirt to go with a dark denim skirt. Or you can try to wear matching pieces for that confident ‘denim tuxedo’ look.

Add a pair of sunglasses a leather bag, black ankle boots (or white trainers if you want a sporty vibe) are the perfect accessories to keep this look more modern.

Mix Your Denim Washes

Double denim looks fresh when you mix your fabric shades. For the ultimate street style look, try combining denim pieces that have radically different washes, such as a vintage-inspired light blue jacket and inky black skinny jeans.

For the most form flattering look, keep in mind that darker washes are more slimming, while lighter washes draw attention to the body areas they cover.

So, if you’re a little curvy below the waist, try to wear light denim on top and darker on the bottom.

Pairing an eye-catching, patchwork denim jacket over dark jeans is a trendy and youthful look. And this look works for just about any body shape, from curvy to petite to plus size.

Pair a Denim Jacket with a Jean Skirt

For a cool and casual look that is perfect for any weekend occasion, layer a cropped denim jacket over your favourite jean skirt.

If you want more of a rocker vibe, try wearing a classic denim jacket with a distressed skirt. Or wear a long, floor-length denim skirt for a bohemian feel.

For this outfit, keep your top simple, in case you do take off your denim jacket at some point. Try a solid-coloured tank top or t-shirt. Finish the look with a pair of comfortable flats or ankle boots with one or two simple accessories, such as some stud earrings.

Try some lingerie

Add a sexy addition to your denim ensemble. This look has been worn by countless celebrities and has become the double denim go-to for the likes of the Kardashian family.

Go to the Dark Side

For the most part, deep denim matches and can be just as dressy as wearing all black. You can try a denim belted jacket with a pair of wide-leg jeans. To keep your outfit looking polished, keep your accessories understated and timeless.


How to master the double denim look

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