Irish fashion designer house IrelandsEye

Irish fashion designer house IrelandsEye

Irish fashion designer house IrelandsEye. For the past 40 years, Irish fashion brand, IrelandsEye in Dublin have been servicing the needs of both ladies and men with their quality range of knitwear that today is sold in over 20 counties around the world.

Running across three generations of the same family, they and their loyal workforce continue to show real passion and devotion in building their vibrant international knitwear brand

Irish fashion designer house IrelandsEye

There is certainly a magical mixture in their innovative designs where they blend the old with the new to produce spectacular traditional knitwear that reflects the past and present culture of Irish knitwear design.

Using their experience and having a true understanding of the required nature of their products, they fuse practicality and comfort into all of their beautiful creations which all offering great style and functionality.

Irish fashion designer house IrelandsEye

All their designs are constructed using the finest of blends of wool and cotton to produce some of the most fashionable knitwear products for men and women that include sweaters, coats, hats scarves as well comfy loungewear for women.

Irish fashion designer house IrelandsEye

As a true Irish fashion design and manufacturer company they continue to invest in exceptional design where they combine these qualities that allow them to consistently fuse the soul of the classic Irish wool sweater with the vigour of contemporary fashion.

We simply love their collections that appeal to all age groups. While they maintain a true Irish approach to knitwear design, they also indulge knitwear lovers from across the world with creations of pure sophistication.

You can see more about IrelandsEye by visiting the Kilkenny Shop or by checking out their website that gives you a full overview of their full and vibrant collections. You can even follow them on their social media channels below for their latest updates.

Even if you are not a fan of knitwear, we feel one look at the IrelandsEye’s super collections will certainly change your mind.


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Irish fashion designer house IrelandsEye

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