Donatella Versace buys Italian lake house for $5.6m

Donatella Versace buys Italian lake house for $5.6m

Donatella Versace buys Italian lake house for $5.6m. Iconic fashion designer Donatella Versace has secured a new house for her summer escapes.

Spread out over 15,000 square feet, the four-story mansion overlooking Lake Maggiore is known as La Verbanella. It features an impressive 50 rooms, 20 of those being bedrooms, and has a pale pink interior, according to reports.

There’s also a beautiful garden, several balconies, a pool, a pond, private access to the lake, which sits on the border of Italy and Switzerland.

And the abode certainly has a rich history. It was previously owned by the Mondadori family (founders of one of the largest publishing companies in Italy) who purchased it in the 1920s and welcomed many famous guests over the years, including Walt Disney.

For years, the seaside property served as a rustic bed and breakfast where visitors could stay for several hundred euros a night.

Part of its attraction is the connection to early 20th century cultural icons such as writers Ernest Hemmingway, Thomas Mann and Nobel laureate Eugenio Montale – all of whom have stayed at the property and signed a fireplace that still bears the signature today.

It’s also where Walt Disney signed an agreement with Mondadori in the 1930s for a children’s series based on Disney’s iconic characters.

The Versace family were certainly no strangers to luxurious lakeside living, having previously owned a property called Villa Fontanelle on Lake Como, which was thought to be one of Gianni’s favorite getaways.

The luxury mansion certainly won’t disappoint any of Donatella’s friends should they stop by for a visit. They include Luke Evans, who was recently tapped to front the Versace eyewear campaign, and Lady Gaga, who shared the stage at Stonewall Day’s celebrations in June.

Donatella Versace buys Italian lake house for $5.6m

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