Essential ties every man should invest in

Essential ties every man should invest in

Essential ties every man should invest in. Men don’t have many options when it comes to accessorising their workplace outfits. Jewelry is typically limited to a watch or maybe a wedding band.

You could stuff a pocket square in your suit jacket and bracelets, lapel pins and cuff links are also great options for personalising a look but a neck tie is going to be the most impactful addition you can make.

The options on this list are sure to get you through any occasion where a tie should be worn. The office, your cousin’s wedding, a christening – we’ve got you covered.

Navy Tie

If a navy tie is the only tie you own, you realistically could get by with just that one tie, it’s that versatile. If you’re just starting out, or revamping your existing tie collection, a navy tie is a great first purchase. This tie from stvdio by Jeff Banks is made from 100% silk which is stain resistant for easy care.

Burgundy Dot Tie

The dot pattern tie is very simple but also a staple. These are absolutely appropriate for job interviews or when suited up for work. Getting on in burgundy is a safe play as it looks great under a navy, gray, blue or khaki suit. It’s also one of the few colours that pairs well with black.

Gray Prince of Wales Tie

The Prince of Wales pattern is typically worn at more formal occasions, commonly being found on groomsmen at weddings. But it’s certainly not limited to formal events. This tie from Burton Menswear is machine washable and the perfect way to inject some pattern into your wardrobe.

Brown Raw Silk

This material is a bit heavier and more textured than treated silk. Tussah ties can be worn all year round but it’s perhaps more associated with warmer months. Brown ties are seriously underrated and look fantastic under a light gray, beige, cobalt blue or navy jacket.

Black Grenadine Tie


Black ties aren’t really needed all too often but it is a good idea to have one in your collection just in case you need it. A black grenadine tie is a good thing to have when paying respects at a funeral or attending a posh dinner party.

Essential ties every man should invest in

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