Climate activists front Stella McCartney AW19 campaign

Climate activists front Stella McCartney AW19 campaign

Climate activists front Stella McCartney AW19 campaign. Stella McCartney is continuing her efforts to encourage sustainability among her shoppers.

The designer revealed her ad campaign for her Winter 2019 collection and her message is focused entirely on climate change.

For the unveiling of her Winter collection, McCartney has teamed up with actor Amber Valletta and Deya Ward, Ruby Munslow and Tori Tsui, members of Extinction Rebellion.

The Winter 2019 collection features sustainable and upcycled pieces including dresses from organic cotton and sunglasses created from biodegradable material.

The entire collection is expected to arrive online and in Stella McCartney stores by August.

Business of Fashion reported that those modelling the campaign were photograph wearing pieces in an outdoor environment. Along with images of the clothing, models also posed with a giant globe, which signals a call for consumers to take action against climate change.

The campaign will be followed by a short film out in September. Starring chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall reading a poem by American novelist Jonathan Safran Foer, it will carry on the eco message by urging consumers to look at their own responsibility for the planet.

Slogans from Foer’s upcoming book have been emblazoned onto pieces from McCartney’s upcoming menswear and womenswear collections.

McCartney has always been a staunch environmentalist and has previously expressed her dismay at fashion companies who use the issue of sustainability for their financial gain.

She said: “90 per cent of the environmental issues that are mentioned in the fashion industry are based around marketing. They’re not heartfelt. They’re not really genuine.”

Members of Extinction Rebellion who are participating in McCartney’s campaign, have previously called for consumers to stop buying new clothes.

In a statement to Teen Vogue, Extinction Rebellion said: “Extinction rebellion are indeed calling for a fashion boycott but at the same time, we don’t do blaming and shaming. Aside from its ineffectiveness in a time where we need to find all the love and compassion we can muster, we recognise that we are all complicit in this toxic system. We fight for systemic change whilst we too exist in the system.”

Climate activists front Stella McCartney AW19 campaign

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