Marc Jacobs to receive MTV Fashion Trailblazer Award

Marc Jacobs to receive MTV Fashion Trailblazer Award

Marc Jacobs to receive MTV Fashion Trailblazer Award. Marc Jacobs is making history, as the 56-year-old designer will be the inaugural recipient of MTV’s Fashion Trailblazer Award at the upcoming Video Music Awards as a partnership between the television council and the CFDA.

The show is expected to take place on August 26th in Newark, New Jersey.

Over the course of his 30-plus-year career, Jacobs has been heavily influenced by music, notable creating a grunge-inspired collection for Perry Ellis in 1993, which famously got him fired.

Speaking about the infamous Perry Ellis collection, Jacobs said: “At that time, there was also a shift in fashion photography, which was very inspired by Larry Clark, with no glamour and no frills and no fancy lighting, just cool kids going out with a camera, taking pictures of other cool kids wearing clothes.”

“I think the alternative or indie and grunge scene was happening, and then there was also something going on in the modeling world, which of course I was very attached to and aware of. There was this new, maybe just under-the-radar way of looking at people or young people whose beauty was not conventional. It was a combination of all those things, and I really authentically felt something different was happening and something new was happening. It was also seductive, and I couldn’t resist any part of it.”

Jacobs reworked a vintage MTV logo onto sweatshirts in his Spring 2017 Resort collection and spoke to Vogue about how that all happened and what MTV means to him.

“First of all, MTV always had the coolest graphics. It was very spot-on for what MTV was saying and who they were saying it to. It really spoke to me, and I think that generation of people at that time. I’ve maintained them in my memory bank, and they’ve never gone away. They’re iconic.

How that all happened [Resort 2017 MTV graphics], to be honest, was we found a vintage MTV sweater from that period: like, a pink sweater with one of the MTV logos. Then we contacted MTV and asked if we could use their logo. Then we got a lot of information about all the different logos. They sent us all the artwork, and then we picked different ones than the sweater we found.”

Marc Jacobs to receive MTV Fashion Trailblazer Award

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