Fashion Review Irish Fashion Designer Edel MacBride

Fashion Review Irish Fashion Designer Edel MacBride

Fashion Review Irish Fashion Designer Edel MacBride. At Edel MacBride, through their own research and develop in fashion designs sees them producing some of the finest in handmade Irish clothing. In a land showered with great natural beauty, from green valleys to iconic cliffs and mountain ranges, they are a thread from past to future.

As a fashion designer who qualified from Limerick School of Art and Design back in 1986, her early fashion collections were a reflection of new possibilities for Donegal tweed, a fabric that was first developed in the North West of Ireland.

With an instinctive reverence for past craftsmanship in the textile region of County Donegal, Convoy Woollen Mill once employed 500 people at one time including many of the MacBride family where the seeds were sown form exciting new designs in Irish woollen design.

Today, run as a family business they hand knit, handloom and crochet luxurious and wholesome sweaters, cardigans, wraps and knitted hats from locally spun wools and merino wools.

From the sweaters that they will read to you, translating the meaning of the three dimensional Aran stitching to flowing circular skirts that are seamlessly finished with expert craftsmanship. They all provide a feeling of grace and goodness bestowed on the wearer.

Their online website provides a gateway into their world of exquisite and fashionable handmade Irish Ladies and Men’s knitwear collections that can be purchased and shipped direct to your door. You can also keep up to date on their latest design releases and news by following them on their social media links below.

As one of Ireland’s leading woollen design houses, their ambition is to continue production of their woollen master pieces in their local area that shines a beacon in world of exciting textile artisan production which pays homage to our Irish heritage in great woollen design knitwear.


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Fashion Review Irish Fashion Designer Edel MacBride

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