#LoveNotLandfill launches pop up shop with Depop

#LoveNotLandfill launches pop up shop with Depop

#LoveNotLandfill launches pop up shop with Depop. Eco-friendly fashion campaign #LoveNotLandfill launched a popup shop experience in Carnaby, London with online fashion marketplace Depop last weekend.

A number of popular depop sellers were present to meet followers in the four-day event, in which a number of pre-loved and vintage fashion items were showcased.

As reported by Business of Fashion, consumers in the UK have a tendency to buy clothes on mobile devices, averaging six hours a week researching and purchasing clothes.

#LoveNotLandfill’s popup shop aimed to bring back some human interaction and the tactile experience of touching the items on display, which helps to reduce return items and disposal of garments.

Depop is a fashion marketplace app and a creative platform where people can buy, sell and discover fashion items. It currently serves about 13 million people. #LoveNotLandfill is a campaign targeting young people in the UK to reduce their waste when it comes to fashion.

It is supported by the EU Life and is part of the European Clothing Action Plan (ECAP).

Adwoa Owusu Darko, who is @minisworld on the platform, says she has been a seller on Depop for about three years, and is inspired by the community.

“A bit of my creativity and my personality is being worn by someone else. Buying preloved is an easy way to reduce waste – I’ve been making more of a conscious effort to educate my buyers and change my processes to be more sustainable too.”

#LoveNotLandfill launches pop up shop with Depop

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