Vegan fashion museum opens in LA

Vegan fashion museum opens in LA

Vegan fashion museum opens in LA. The first museum dedicated to showcasing cruelty-free and ethically made fashion has recently opened in Los Angeles.

Located at Melrose Ave. in front of Melrose Place, the F.A.K.E. (Fashion for Animal Kingdom & Environment) Museum is opened to the public until August 31st.

F.A.K.E. started when animal rights activist Jonathan Ohayon launched the F.A.K.E movement, a place where vegan ethical designers could proudly promote their clothes and products.

This then evolved into ‘F.A.K.E. popups’ which was set up in Melrose Ave.

Ohayon decided to create a museum where people could learn about alternatives to animal products in the fashion industry and methods to preserve the planet and respect human rights.

In a statement to Plant Based News, Ohayon said: “It is our responsibility to change our way of consuming. This is why F.A.K.E. movement gives you options and helps you to make that change. The more FAKERS we are, the more designers would want to create cruelty-free products ethically made.”

When guests pay a visit to the museum, they will go on a 25-minute immersive tour. During the tour, guests will learn about the negative impact the fashion industry has on the planet.

“Leather is not a material; it is a skin that belongs to an animal. It has a huge negative impact on the environment and is responsible for many diseases due to all the chemical using in the process,” Ohayon explained.

“During our tour, while we quickly shed light on what the fashion industry practices are, we emphasize mostly on the amazing alternatives for a better world.”

To learn more about the museum, or to book a tour, click here.

Vegan fashion museum opens in LA

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