Zalando is expanding its sustainable selection

Zalando is expanding its sustainable selection

Zalando is expanding its sustainable selection. Online retailer Zalando says that following an increase in demand of sustainable products by its customers, brands like Mudjeans, Ecoalf, Swe-s, Girlfriend Collective and Stripe + Stare will launch on their website in the coming weeks.

The European online retailer says its current ‘sustainable’ fashion assortment already consists of more than 15,000 items and over 240 different brands and reports that its decision to flag up items that are certified to environment standards or made of raw materials has proven a success.

In a statement, Zalando said: “At Zalando, we know that customers are increasingly concerned about the future of our planet and want to make more sustainable fashion choices. Our customers’ demand for sustainable products, which we see in the increase of searches for “organic,” or “fairtrade,” for example, reflects the growing interest. One of the challenges our customers face is that it can be difficult to know what sustainability actually means, and how to find products according to their social and environmental values. We want to play a role in changing that.”

Sara Diez, Vice President of Womenswear, said: “Our current fashion assortment with a sustainability benefit is already one of the largest available in Europe, but we’re just getting started. Our ambition is to provide customers with a bigger assortment to choose from, clearer information to choose with, and all the inspiration they need to make more sustainable choices. Onboarding these new brands is an important step on our journey, and we’ll focus on adding more sustainable choices to our assortment in the upcoming months.”

Within the company, Zalando are working to make more sustainable choices.

“We established several initiatives to improve parts of our business, for example, making our packaging more sustainable by changing Beauty Bags from plastic to paper. Our current sustainability strategy, our goals and further information about all corresponding initiatives can be found in the annual report,’ explained the company.

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